Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Soo Ae takes on big screen as ice hockey player.

Actress Soo Ae (37) mentioned as long as she does well and avoid being a nuisance that'd be great. But suddenly she has this idea whereby prettiness and beauty has been put aside while she concentrates on being a team player.

She has been considering to play the new role in the new film 'National 2' 국가대표2 directed by PD Kim Jung Hyun. Her last movie she starred in was The Flu in 2013. So it's been 3 years before Soo Ae returns to the big screen.

"National 2" is a sports movie made based on the true story of a woman being first as part of the national ice hockey team in the 2003 Winter Asian Games in Aomori. Soo Ae plays as an ice hockey player from the North and joins in the South national team.
This has proven to be a big challenge and great opportunity for the actress.

She has to train ice hockey along with other casts such as Oh Yeon Seo, Ha Jae Suk, Kim Seul Gi, Jin Ji Hee and Kim Ye Won for 3 months. During filming, she spends her spare time practising as well.

The ice hockey equipment is bulky and difficult to handle. It causes lots of discomfort and blood circulation was poor with the cold icy conditions however they have to continue wearing the device. 

National 2 is a sequel to the 2009 film Take Off directed by PD Kim Yong Hwa.

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