Monday, July 11, 2016

1 Night 2 Days continues with Summer Vacation Party.

1N2D casts continue their night at Ulleungdo. They played Catch the Thief whereby Jun Ho and Shi Yoon won the game. Next they are to play Catch the Mice which was famous 9 years ago in the Six Heroines variety program. However Junho and Tae Hyun couldn't concentrate and lost in the game so they are to sleep in tents pitched outside the villa. The rest get to sleep in nice comfy mattress. Morning mission is rush to the football ground and grab their mission flags. OB team (Old Boys) picked the 6 mtr under water flags while the YB (Young Boys) chose the 440 m above ground flags. OB team went to the Haengnam Coastal Walking Path (Dodong) maritime observatory where Jun Ho was the unfortunate one to do scuba diving. YB team had to hike up to the Seoingbong peak where they had an entire panoramic view the entire Island- how refreshing! 

The next episode continues where PD Yu tells them to dress to their most immature outfit
and arrived at Changdo Elementary school at Dobong. Defconn dressed in his Minion overalls and kids were cheering for him. However his expression darkened as soon as Shi Yoon turns up, he captivates all the female fans' hearts. Hah! Shi Yoon dressed the smartest of all like he's going to kindergarten. There's Tae Hyun in his red stripe shirt and short with specs, the kids love him too as he's a doting dad. Jong Min arrived in his kiddy clothes and soon Jun Young waved at the kids in his yellow tracksuit which was worn by late Bruce Lee. Jun Ho was nowhere to be seen until later he arrived in his rocker clothes and a long wig as he started singing Bon Jovi's song. The elementary school happens to be Jong Min's Alma mater. 

PD Yu Il Yong tells them their mission is cut the skipping rope where girls used to dance with it, then run to the finished line. The girls will start chasing them and if they are caught, they will be dunked into a rubber pool filled with water! OB team complains ever since Shi Yoon joins the program, every mission has 'water' in it...must be due to his recent marine military experience. Slowly one by one are dunked into the water by angry 'girls'- who are actually bulky men wearing wigs. The last competitor was Shi Yoon and he ran so fast that not one could catch up with him at the finishing line! Winner was our dear Dong Gu!
So winner gets to choose his lunchbox which were prepared. As soon as they start choosing their lunch boxes, they were told to sit inside the classroom and sneakily eat their lunch under the desk without having the homeroom teacher noticed.

It was struggle for Jun Ho as he chose the 3 luxurious tier lunch box filled with kimchi, japchae, fruits, rice and beef. Shi Yoon had the 3 mini tier consists of seaweed soup, rice and meat. Defconn chose the kimbap, Jun Young had the instant noodles, Tae Hyun chose the typical egg-luncheon meat rice box while Jong Min had the sausage lunch box. They struggled to finish their lunch without having the teacher notice them eating. However Jun Ho gets picked every time he tries to shove food into his mouth. He gets punished and gets angry too. They laughed as Jun Ho was greedy to choose the bigger lunch box. Jong Min finishes first followed by Jun Young, Defconn, Tae Hyun, Shi Yoon and the loser is again Jun Ho who couldn't finish at all. 

PD Yu tells them to pick a piece of sweet potato and to grow it at home for a week with a video camera watching over it. The cast grumbled stating they have no time to cultivate plants at home due to work commitment. Tae Hyun shook his head as his youngest daughter might start snipping off the bits as soon as it grows. Defconn pointed out his mother might cook it before it starts to grow. 

Watch out for next episode of 1 Night 2 Days to see the growth of their sweet potatoes at home and next mission. 
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