Monday, October 31, 2016

Everland Resort trip 2016

It was meant to a JSA-DMZ Trip for us. However JSA tours were fully booked so we decided to go to Everland Theme Resort. There was slight drizzle and cold. However we booked the trip to Everland with Daesung Tour where the bus transport was included and the fee. There were many tourist buses and people were preparing to celebrate Halloween and capture the pumpkin sceneries!

Everywhere was pumpkins, ghostly souls decors, witches and parades were all so cute!

The ticket and transport from Daesung Tour is KRW$48,000 per person.
Pick up and drop off is at Myeongdong area. (Prince Hotel and Sejong Hotel area)
Other rides in Everland was excluded in the trip. You can bring your own sandwiches and lunch to the resort. However you can find fast food and hot drinks at the place.
Churros were kind of a trendy thing - KRW$3000 per piece.

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