Thursday, October 20, 2016

Sweet ending and memories with Moonlight drawn by Clouds.

The last 2 finale episodes of KBS popular drama Moonlight Drawn By Clouds have brought the viewers to suspense, thrilling scenes and most of all what we wanted- happy ending. :D

Byung Yeon was severely injured and was at brink of his death when he tried protecting Ra On and Lee Young during the coup at the palace. Head Eunuch Han sacrificed himself to ensure Hong Gyeong Rae and Ra On escaped safely. However Young was in tears and worried the most for Ra On and Byung Yeon. Teacher Dasan Jang nursed Byung Yeon back to good health with his great medical skills. 

King Sunjo gets pressured by the ministers in the palace to dethrone the Crown Prince since Young has been spending most of his time out of the palace at courtesan and gambling houses. However Young was not there for fun, he was investigating the real truth behind the attack of at his quarters and the culprit was none other than the two evil Ministers who are with PM. The PM gets agitated and plans to overthrow Young by sending medicine concoction containing poison laced around the bowl. 

Dasan Jang and Ra On rushed quickly to Young's aid to look after him during the crucial times. Young quickly got back onto his feet while Lady Ha Yeon noticed Ra On is back in the palace even though she disguised as a nurse. Ra On even secured an evidence letter left behind by the late Queen Yoon whereby she was actually poisoned by the PM's clan. By all means, Young started his little plan to trap the PM and Queen Kim who were behind all these events. Meanwhile the PM sends assassins to kill Ra On however Yoon Sung came to save her and was injured badly. 

Ra On was in tears seeing Yoon Sung died for her and even said the nicest things to her before he fades away. What a sad scene... Upon hearing his grandson had died during the attack, the PM was in despair. He even committed suicide by shooting himself with a gun in Yoon Sung's working room. Queen Kim was expelled out and 1 year later Young took over the throne as the new King. He assembled all the best ministers in his court to work for the citizens. Lady Ha Yeon eventually left the palace and the Crown Princess position as she knew Young never loved her. 

All happy ending for everyone as it was a new era and Ra On was free from all the charges. She led her new happy life and this time she could wear freely on her hanbok as a woman.
The very final scene showed Young and Ra On walked happily on a field of beautiful pink flowers. 
The final episode recorded at 22.9% ratings. Well done to the cast and production staff!

Not forgetting, on 19th October 2016- the 4 main leads held a fan-sign meeting at Gyeongbokgung where hundreds of fans turned up to catch a glimpse of them. However the lucky 200 fans managed to see them up close and personal. 

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