Thursday, January 19, 2017

Hwanhee becomes the next King of Mask Singer.

There is no doubt that the R&B singer Hwanhee from Fly to the Sky duo took the crown from Baby Angel in MBC's King of Mask Singer. During the first round Hwanhee was paired for a duet with gag woman Jang Do Yeon for a ballad One Late Night in 1994.

Dressed in red jeans and yellow knitwear, Hwanhee's character is Hoppang Prince. Hoppang Prince is a cute cartoon character which is a bread stuffed with red beans and he has two pink rosy cheeks. The panellists were joking that Hoppang Prince's mask has a little crown at the side, so who knows he is challenging the current Mask King.

Turns out Hwanhee beat the rest of the contestants easily. Veteran singer Jo Jang Hyuk was right on the spot that Hoppang Prince
would advance to final round. The rest of them started guessing that contestants with bright colored jeans always tend to be crowned...example Tin Man in pink pants and Get Excited Eheradio in green coloured pants became the Mask King. Come to think of it, I cannot imagine Hwanhee in bright red pants as he always project the classic, tough man look. 

On 2nd round, Hoppang Prince sang Taeyang's Only Look At Me with his groovy dance which impressed everyone out there. He cruised smoothly to the 3rd round where he sang Park Mi Kyung's Distant Memories of You. No doubt slow and touching romantic ballads fit Hwanhee's powerful baritone voice. I think the panellists would have a clue that Hoppang Prince is Hwanhee. 

Surprisingly he challenged against the current Mask King Baby Angle and won the crown easily. I'd definitely picked Hwanhee as one of the Mask Kings not just because of his looks or he was formerly a duo group...but he has this beautiful voice that attracts your attention no matter what songs he sings. His ad-libs are so unique and powerful as well. 

All the seasons that I've been watching this program, I've always hoped for Hwanhee to be one of the contestants but meanwhile I am worried that the audience could easily guess that it's him because of his distinct voice. His fellow member Brian Joo was part of the panellists at one time before Hwanhee was invited for this show.

So there you go, Hwanhee is crowned as the 47th King of Mask Singer. Woohoo!
Congrats to him! 

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