Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Day trip to Korean Folk Village in Yongin.

Third day in Seoul, so my parents, bro and myself decided to take a long trip down to Korean Folk Village 한국민속촌 at Yongin. We took the subway to Sinnohyeon at Gangnam and then the bus 5001-1 to Korean Folk Village. 

The village fee entrance costs KRW$15,000 but we had the coupon for discount so the adult entrance fee is KRW$10,000. This doesn't include any other rides. The village boasts many attractions for filming historical dramas such as Moon Embraces the Sun, Jang Ok Jung, Sungkyunkwan Scandal, Hwang Jini, Jackpot, Six Flying Dragons, Arang and the Magistrate, movies such as The Face Reader, The King and the Clown and Kundo: Age of the Rampant. 

There are various performances for tourists and locals. We manage to watch the Farmer's Dance and Equestrian Acrobat. However we missed the traditional wedding ceremony at the Nobleman's House. The village area is very spacious and big. It has a river and folk museum. Buses were everywhere catering for children, old folks and mentally disabled people. We enjoyed seeing the various spots for the drama filming. There is an open food court for locals to feast their hunger and quench their thirst. A 1 litre of makgeoli costs only KRW$7000 but it was too huge for us to finish. 

The autumn foliage is beautiful with many colors of trees turning from green to yellow and red. The maple leaves started to turn bright red and yellow which is so cool! 
After all it's a nice experience to see the different types of houses from peasant, farmer and nobleman and magistrate office. You can ride the bus 371 from Folk Village to Suwon train station. From Suwon, you can take the Line 1 back to Seoul station and switch to other lines.


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