Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Visit to Jimjilbang (Korean bath house) at Yongsan.

After watching so many K-dramas, we have never been to Jimjilbang (Korean bath house). On a nice sunny Sunday morning, the temperature was only 2 degrees in Seoul. We took the subway to Yongsan and headed to Dragon Hill Spa and Resort. The place is just on Exit 1 out from Yongsan station. It opens 24 hours and many tourists along with locals visit the place for relaxation and spa. 
Dragon Hill Spa and Resort offer many things for playing, relaxation especially couples and kids. There are many levels where once you pay the entrance fee of KRW$12,000 and you are given a key to your shoe and clothes locker. Men and women have different elevators to head to their changing rooms where you see many naked people walking around! *shock!*
But after a while you get used to it with many naked bods in your bathroom area. You are given a pair of towels and clothes to slip into. Each level has a snack bar and even Korean restaurant to serve food. I got a bowl of 3 charcoal eggs and some tea to drink. 

And remember you need to roll your towel into the 'ram head' - or what they called 'yang mori' as what you have seen in the dramas or movies. He he! If you're not sure, you can ask the Ahjumma at the snack bar for help OR...just google it in YouTube to learn it on your own.

There is a level for video games arcade, karaoke rooms (noraebang) where you just need to scan your locker tag- KRW$4500 for 20 minutes to sing. Everything is in Korean so you need to know how to read them to select your songs to sing. Hah! I managed to sing 4-5 songs in the little karaoke room. In the main floor area, you can see many couples or families lying down sleeping and resting area. There is free Wi-Fi in each level as well.

Overall it was a nice experience to see what locals do during the weekend and whatever you see in K-dramas or K-Movies, it's exactly the same in the Korean bath house. There are many rooms with hot sauna and temperatures, salt, sand and even ice room to experience. You don't need to bath naked in Jimjilbang. I wore my lingerie with the clothes in it. Easy!
After enjoying your day trip in the bath house, change back to your clothes and shoes, head downstairs with your locker key to scan out. The food, karaoke were excluded from the entrance fee- you just need to pay the balance. 

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