Monday, April 23, 2018

Confession and heartaches in A Poem a Day.

'I love you, Dr. Ye"! 
Oops...the sudden confession from Woo Bo Young to Dr. Ye Jae Wook has come to a rather surprising event. 

On the 9th episode of A Poem A Day, Bo Young (Lee Yoo Bi) managed to confess her true feelings to Ye Jae Wook (Lee Jun Hyuk) which took him by surprise. At the start Bo Young was happy to know Chief Yang has been transferred to another hospital which means she stands a chance to be a permanent full time employee. Bo Young is joined by her friends Min Ho (Jang Dong Yoon) and Nam Woo (Shin Jae Ha) while she was at the verge of falling down the stairs for feeling so excited. When asked what's the main reason being so happy, her response was simple. She doesn't need to be away from her mentor Dr. Ye. Nam Woo asked if she really likes Dr. Ye so much that instantly she admitted while singing her unconditional love for her mentor. Coincidentally Ye Jae Wook came to the emergency stairs hearing Bo Young singing away. What an embarrassing moment for Bo Young for Jae Wook saw everything as he walked away closing the door. 

With an unexpected song for him, Jae Wook received another surprise when Bo Young couldn't get another excuse while blurting out that she likes him. Uh-oh! She wanted to tell him her true feelings else she will never have the guts to tell him that. Trying to hide his mind, Jae Wook tells her they will talk about it later. Min Ho and Nam Woo were in the state of panic after hearing Bo Young confessing to her mentor. After all wild imaginations from the boys, she was further disappointed upon hearing the news that Yang's impeachment was cancelled as some else has replaced his position in the other hospital. 

Jae Wook then contacted Bo Young for meet up. Feeling nervous, she ran to meet him. Unlike her expectations, Jae Wook mentioned that he has no intention of seeing someone at work. His past relationship failed at the work place and he dislikes people talking behind his back. He treasures Bo Young as a colleague and hoped to work well together. In fact earlier he attended a senior's funeral where his ex-girlfriend was seen clinging to him and rumours continued floating around. After receiving the phone call from his ex, Jae Wook decided he doesn't want to go through the same incident. 

Brimming with tears, Bo Young is accompanied by Min Ho where she drowned her sorrows with alcohol. Min Ho mumbled that he was right that Dr. Ye would reject Bo Young's feelings. 
Bo Young started imagining Jae Wook wherever she goes. Jae Wook loses his marbles and explained his heart hurts. This left Chief Yang wondering if it's because of him that Bo Young cries daily without securing a permanent position while Jae Wook starts drinking crazily too. 
Haha! And we do know that both of them like each other but they can't explain well... 

At the end of the episode, viewers were left wandering is it too sad for imagination?
Various expressions were given by viewers:

One might not be able to understand the pain of love in the past, but why Dr. Ye is unable to accept a new relationship?
Dr. Ye's ex-girlfriend is the problem factor... today, imagination will soon be a reality.
Enough of the mess, let's get rid of the misunderstandings. Let's make the couple happy once again. ....etc and it goes on and on.

We can see that Jae Wook is struggling from his past relationship to move on. Mr. Advice Machine is spot on at work and the only one who acknowledges Bo Young's hard work. No wonder she falls hard for him. Min Ho being a brat pricking on Bo Young's old wounds finds himself falling back for her. Let's hope something 'sails' on the next coming episodes.
And boy...don't you love Nam Woo...he sings very well and is pissed off when his Lacoste alligator was ripped off from his polo shirt that he wears daily! 

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