Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Master in the House butlers heads to Vietnam.

'Xin chao' literally means Hello/Ahn nyeong hasehyo in Vietnamese language. The four butlers were advised they were going to Vietnam to meet their new Master. Yang Se Hyung was first to arrive at the airport looking chirpy because he was in yellow t-shirt and denim jacket. He even told the public that he cannot give autographs for them. In fact neither of the girls were waiting nor asking Se Hyung for autographs! Pfft! 

Yook Sung Jae arrived in sunspecs wearing a trench coat where fans were busy snapping his photos on the arrival floor. Se Hyung envies Sung Jae's fashion statement while big brother Lee Sang Yun arrived donning a trench coat- this is typical spring fashion. They were expecting Lee Seung Gi to be a fashionista as he was in black leather jacket and sporty shoes too. Overall everyone is a winner except Se Hyung who is just poor in clothes coordination. They boarded the plane at night to fly to Vietnam. They were shown on a video how popular their Master is in Vietnam....the red colour t-shirt fans flooded the city where he goes. The production cast has not informed anyone of the butlers arrival to Vietnam, so Seung Gi suggested to see whose popularity is bigger in Hanoi. Se Hyung proudly announced that the Vietnamese would love gags as he's a comedian. 


Sung Jae was surrounded by fans giving his plank cards, hat, flowers...while Sang Yun received gifts as well...Seung Gi was flooded by fans screaming his name and giving him presents too. Se Hyung was somehow left behind and dragged by the local guards thinking he's just another intruder. LOL! He was nearly drowned in the big crowd as he grabbed onto Seung Gi's collar and pointed out he is also part of the cast. The trio laughed at Se Hyung who barely made it to the van otherwise he'd have left out for good! The butlers called it for the night as the next morning they were dressed in red t-shirts and met at the lobby. PD tells them to view the Master's daily schedule. As they expected the Master must be involved with soccer. They walked out to find a driver holding a card stating "Jibsabu" waiting for them in front of a big jeep. They guessed it right it's a government's car and the driver couldn't speak any English.
They arrived at the Vietnamese Football Federation grounds and went in awe. The massive field, dormitories and houses surrounding the fields. As they walked in the main building, they were greeted by a familiar voice saying 'you're here'. Their new master is Coach Park Hang Seo. Park used to assist Gus Hiddink coaching the Korean football team during the FIFA 2002 World Cup held in Korea and Japan. Vietnam has scouted Park to become the national coach in 2017 and he became a national hero. He is known to be a good nature coach and propelled the Vietnamese team to win 2nd place in the Asia Football Confederation (AFC).


Se Hyung tries his best to impress Coach Park but he can see he's not a great player. From what he heard, Seung Gi used to play well in soccer. He knows Sang Yun is a graduate from Seoul National University but he might have less time exercising and playing sports. Park brought them to his 3-storey house which is a 5-min stroll from the main building. They admired the big spacious house and even the medal given by the Viet government for his contribution. 
He brewed Viet-coffee for them and said he will treat everyone the same as his other players.
His rules are important for the butlers- one mustn't use mobile phone during meals time. If they do, they will be punished of doing 50 push ups. Park was happy with the three doing push up stances except Se Hyung. They headed to the canteen for lunch. Phones were put aside and they were treated to sumptuous lunch consisting of three tiers! Spring rolls, egg rolls, steam spicy fish, grilled skewers, soup...protein plays an important role for the players. Butlers were happily chowing down their lunch. A team leader is required for the Butlers team. Team leader's words are as powerful as Coach Park. Everyone is aiming for the position even though it's temporary as it gives them authority. Park could see that Se Hyung will abusing his power so he decided hand the Team Leader position to Sang Yun.

The four butlers finished their lunch so it's time for training and practice. They watched 12 year old kids practising in the field. Park tells them to warm up. Sang Yun did well for his warming up while Seung Gi nearly trip upon his clumsy footwork. Se Hyung looked as if he was in some night club as his short legs looked funny while he dribbled the ball. Sung Jae was hopeless in soccer. He was an ace in ice speed skating but overall he hates sports. The butlers looked worn out after warming session. Now the match begins Butlers vs. 12-Yr School Trainees.
Se Hyung couldn't control the ball well and ended up school kids leading the match. He kept blabbering about guarding the goal post so Coach Park told Se Hyung to become the goal keeper instead. Seung Gi was good in passing but Sang Yun and Sung Jae struggled to defend their positions. Their mid field striker and defender are rather weak and that's because Butlers team were outnumbered by 8 school kids. 
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