Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Master In the House with baseball player Lee Dae Ho.

Master In the House casts continue to meet their new 'Master' at the cold mountain area. They heard his voice but they were not sure who he was...he was none other than baseball player Lee Dae Ho. Before we knew it, Lee gave them a hard time of harsh training.
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Remember in 1N2D variety show where they tried scouting the best players at wherever they are. So Seung Gi decided to ring Lee Dae Ho since he was in Busan- where the two became best buddies. Lee's wife turns out to be a big fan of Seung Gi so she was delighted to meet him. That was years back and now the baseball player is married to the same girl and even have two children.

Now time has changed where the butlers are now under harsh training by the baseball player.
He got them in the gym where it was military boot training. The 4 of them went from weights, running to everything they didn't imagine. After 12 hours of training, the 4 butlers looked deeply exhausted. It is time for Lee to bring them over to his apartment. He rang his wife on the phone while everyone is just excited to have dinner- meat! They were so hungry that they just wanted to gobble up whatever that's presented on the dinner table. 

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Upon arriving at the apartment, Lee showed them around the apartment. Se Hyung was impressed with the secret room which contains all the prized possessions- the awards, golden glove, signed balls of the years he has been playing. Even they are not huge baseball players, they were wowed with the awards, medals and plaques lined up across the entire room shelves. Lee pointed there is a CCTV in the room if anyone were to steal anything! Lee's elder daughter Hyo Rin looks exactly like her father. The son Ye Sung is still cute and following Seung Gi. Everyone was resting in the room while Ye Sung was busy playing with Seung Gi. Suddenly he started crying leaving Seung Gi shocked. Se Hyung blamed it on Seung Gi but Lee asked if Se Hyung is the main culprit! Haha!

The look on Sang Yoon, Sung Jae, Seung Gi and Se Hyung's face were priceless when the wife prepared just salad, 2 pieces of beef and some nuts at the side for the entire dinner. Their motto is to follow whatever the Master is eating. Lee is on a strict diet to lose weight. So he is determined not to eat after 6 o'clock. They ate everything quickly but still felt hungry. Lee pitied Sung Jae's big appetite so he asked his wife to give him more almonds and nuts. Seung Gi saw the left over plate of meat so he asked if they can play a game. The winner wins 3 pieces of meat and runner up gets 1 piece of meat. Lee's wife will determine the winner. Sung Jae starts serenading her with a song. Lee clapped and said he'd give him if he was his wife.
Sang Yoon decided not to back off, he reenacted the drama lines from On the Way to Airport.
It definitely send Lee's wife heart fluttering away as to when Se Hyung said how could Sang Yoon have the flirty lines in front of the husband? Uh-oh! Se Hyung and Seung Gi tried their luck by singing too but the meat goes to Sung Jae and Sang Yoon! LOL!

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Lee suggested that they should go exercise more to where the 4 were like what?! "We just got back from 12 hours exercise and now we have to do it AGAIN?" This time Lee agrees to take them to a BBQ restaurant if they win the dodge ball game. Indeed the butlers won the game so they get to eat beef and salad at the best BBQ restaurant in Busan- mostly frequented by baseball players. Lee restrained himself from eating anything. Lee said there is something he wished to give to the winner who wins a game - enduring pain while pulling sideburns. Sung Jae immediately gave up after 0.5 seconds. Seung Gi maintained well while Se Hyung screamed like a girl after 0.95 seconds. Sang Yoon endured the pain too. It's Seung Gi vs. Sang Yoon. Surprisingly Sang Yoon lose 7 strands of hair and he didn't feel any pain while Seung Gi gave up. Lee gave a bottle of wine he kept hoping he will drink it when he retires. It was a precious gift and he handed it to Sang Yoon for winning the game. The other three slept in the medals room while Sang Yoon and Lee Dae Ho call it off the night at the living room.

Next morning mission is waking up little Hyo Rin- getting her washed up, dressed up and in time for the bus to take her to the kindergarten. It was a harder mission that exercising for the 4 bachelors. Seung Gi is good with kids while the three men struggled on what to do. Sung Jae brought her to brush her teeth, Sang Yoon tied her hair up and they send her off just at the nick of time. Phew! Lee brought the butlers to the Busan baseball stadium where he hit a home run.
It was a good experience and changed their concept about marriage. Se Hyung has never thought of settling down except working on his career. Even Sang Yoon agreed as after watching Lee coming back, wife and kids greeting him happily and life is just perfect. Sung Jae came up with a proverb whereby Lee is like a salmon. A salmon goes anywhere with the support of family and friends. And the salmon comes back to where it was born- just like Lee.
Seung Gi's word of the day is 'Pain' is actually a 'Dream'. He relates it to where nothing comes without pain. In Lee's baseball career- there is definitely lots of pain to endure but there is where his dream is. 

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