Sunday, January 21, 2018

Visit to Kanazawa town, Japan.

On 4th January 2018, we decided to visit Kanazawa township since we were there earlier at the bus station to board the bus to Shirakawago. This town is situated far up along the Takayama line where we took the Hokuriku Shinkansen from Osaka to Kanazawa. The journey took almost 3 hours since it's not a super fast bullet train where it stops at major train stations to pick up passengers along the way.

Kanazawa gets a lot of snow during the Winter season. The day when we arrived on 3rd and 4th January, we received lots of snow too in the city. Luckily we had two umbrellas with us as heavy snow started falling later in the afternoon. I wanted to visit the Ōmichō-ichiba (近江町市場) market but it was closed on a Thursday so the visitor guides advised us to visit the Kanazawa Castle Park and Higashi Chaya-gai (ひがし茶屋町) where its most famous geisha district. We bought the one day hop on-off bus at 500Yen each and waited for the bus. It was packed with tourists as everyone can't wait to shelter from the snow and cold. 

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We arrived at the Higashi Chaya-gai where we followed majority of people heading into the little alleys and beautiful quarters. Kanazawa is famed for its gold leaf production and lacquer ware.  We dropped by at a shop that literally sells most things plated with gold - mmm, very expensive and we just managed to buy a gold leaf ice-cream costs 832Yen! I was down with flu and cough so I couldn't enjoy much of cold icy stuffs. Bleh! I saw a little cafe that served green tea parfait, matcha latte and drinks. We waited around 10 minutes to get into the two storey tiny cafe that overseas the little area. Nice! 

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Next stop we headed to Kanazawa Castle Park which is so beautifully covered with snow.
The Ishikawa Gate (石川門) stood majestically while tourists were busy snapping photos with falling snow. We couldn't walk much in the castle park as it was too cold, our shoes were getting wet and snow was getting heavier. It's just too troublesome with too much snow at times.
We quickly took the bus back to JR Kanazawa station where there was heater and much to our enjoyment of food at the restaurants. He he!

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