Thursday, November 23, 2017

Jo Jong Suk in cops and con artists for MBC drama 'Two Cops'.

What happens when a soul of a fraudster is trapped inside a body of criminal justice police officer? That'd be a heart-breaking event! Hah! On top of that, the police officer finds himself falling in love with a shameless and bad temper reporter. How will he be able to explain to that?

One of the fantasy romance drama 'Two Cops' will be featuring actor Jo Jung Suk as the Officer Cha Dong Tak. Dong Tak is very inflexible in real life and upright in his work. With the sly cunning conman's soul trapped inside, it will bring lots of laughter and weird atmosphere around him.  

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Girls' Day Lee Hye Ri plays the shameless social media reporter Song Ji-An. Her previous works of Entertainer and Reply 1988 were massive hits. Kim Sun Ho plays as the weird con-man soul Gong Soo Chang trapped inside Dong Tak's body. 

Other supporting casts include Hoya, Lee Si-Eon, Moon Ji In, Choi Il Hwa, Lee Dae Yeon, Im Se Mi.

The writer has mentioned that the key is investigation of criminals and fraudsters. Because of the two souls, the problem is tackled in a somewhat unusual way. Jo Sung Suk will be playing as two roles in the drama. It's quite a difficult thing to do but he's confident to pull through the role and put his best. 

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