Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Taeyeon involved in double car accident.

Girls' Generation member, Taeyeon was involved in a double car accident in Seoul.

According to the SM Entertainment and Gangnam Police Station, on 28th November 2017, Taeyeon was driving her Benz in front of a taxi at 7:39 pm. The taxi was pushed aside and collided with another passenger car.

Two passengers were injured in the car accident but the driver of the car escaped unhurt.
Taeyeon was heading to the hospital to check up for any injuries. No alcohol was detected.

A Netizen who claims to be a victim of a traffic accident said that police officer and paramedics attended to Taeyeon first than treating the injured, however the fact has not been proven true or wrong.

SM official has admitted that Taeyeon was at fault for carelessness and she is sorry for what happened to the driver and injured passengers. She is doing her best to deal with the accident.
Taeyeon has returned home to rest and taking measures for causing the problem.

Police official also mentioned that at this moment the accident is just a simple straight forward accident as an act of negligence. Details of the exact damage situation and the cause of the accident will be investigated later on.

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