Sunday, November 19, 2017

Super Junior exerts charm in Running Man.

It has been a few years before we saw a full load of SuJu members in variety shows.
Episode 376 of Running Man has invited a load of K-idol group members. That includes SuJu members- Yesung, Eunhyuk, Donghae, Leeteuk and Red Velvet members Irene and Joy.

Before that, the PD announced the RM casts will have two teams and to choose their members.
Kwang Soo blurted out it'd be good to have Kang Daniel (aww...they missed the puppy a lot!) from previous episode - fame for his clumsiness and heo-dang attitude. 

Sorry Sorry song was played as casts were thrilled to see the 4 SuJu members but they clapped their hands  happier when PD told them Red Velvet's members are also joining them...hah! Typical RM guys! Se Chan jokingly said Leeteuk's hair was Shinjuku style which they corrected him- Harajuku style as it was brownish-red colour. Jong Kook pointed out Donghae looks like a Hong Kong actor to which Jae Suk said if it was a windy day; his hairstyle wouldn't last long! 

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Two teams were divided- Jae Suk's team consists of Kwang Soo, So Min and Suk Jin. The rest had no choice but to put up with Kook's nagging lectures. Among 6 idols- they will test them to see which will belong to their team.

Ji Hyo then mentioned that So Min and Eunhyuk were elementary friends from the same school. It was nice to meet up school friends again! As they start to comment all the good things between the 2 primary school friends, Donghae suddenly said he's starting to feel jealous of the two's friendship. However what caught the attention of everyone is Donghae starts snapping random shots of everyone with his camera! That's funny! 

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First test was testing their agile and strength ability. Acupuncture mats were laid in three different lengths for long jump event. The first 2 sections were bearable however the last section was pointy and sharper which literally made anyone screech out when their feet land on it.
Jae Suk pushed Suk Jin to demonstrate to the idols whereby he was clenching his teeth while jumping on the first 2 sections.  Donghae scored 6.8m while Yesung did very well in scoring 7.7m in long jump without blurting out any sound. Eunhyuk is not ready to give up though he was seen scowling away when his feet touched on the acupuncture mat. But it was a success for Eunhyuk as he literally leaped to 8.6 m in the last section! Wow!

Eunhyuk, Leeteuk and Joy join Jae Suk's team while Yesung, Donghae and Irene goes to Kook's team. They play the cat-mouse game with chaser team wears the bells when they go hunting for their prey. PD tells the casts that there are spies among two teams. They have to figure out who they are while also ensuring their team do not fall over.

The two spies were secretly assisting their other teams to succeed the missions. The tag tearing game begins while Eunhyuk sped off so quickly that Se Chan couldn't keep up. Ji Hyo wonders what's happening to Se Chan. Meanwhile Jae Suk's team starts pondering if Eunhyuk is the spy among them. Kook's team is suspicious of Se Chan and picks him as a spy when Ha Ha is the real spy! As for Jae Suk's team, they pointed out Joy when it was Eunhyuk is the real spy! Both teams are lost for words as they suspected the wrong person in their teams!


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