Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Wanna One Go: Zero Base Epi 3

After settling in their Zero Base freedom house for the next 24 hours, the 11 members were happily snugging away for beauty sleep until Ji Hoon is the first to wake up. He starts his shooting practice in the living room after the defeat from his 'hyungs' the night before. Everyone was still fast asleep. Ji Hoon slowly crept to Ji Sung's room to wake him up. It turns out Ji Sung is gearing up to learn driving. He's at the age where he should have a license but due to a trauma from a car accident, he still freaks out when driving. 

Ji Hoon and Woo Jin started to disturb the rest from their beauty sleep but not one would move. Kuan Lin immediately sprung up from his bed when he heard the word food. Eventually one by one crawled to the kitchen to make themselves a meal. Jae Hwan tries calling take away food but no to avail. Min Hyun laughed at Sung Woon woke up groggy and Dae Hwi's hair is like a bird nest. Daniel skipped eating as he prefers his precious sleep with his two cats. After an hour, Ji Sung returns looking exhausted. He was rather clumsy and stressed during the driving lesson with his manager smirking behind in the car. 

Sung Woo decided to play a game where one will need to be blindfolded and catch the rest. Seems typical like a kiddie game but the members enjoyed it. Woo Jin tried cheating but he  suffered the penalty. A familiar voice was played out through the speaker. It was Woo Jin and Dae Hwi's mothers voices. Immediately Seung Woo figured out it was pre-recorded and played at a certain time. Woo Jin suddenly opened the mirror door and they discovered another room decorated with family photos, the cutlery from their home, fridge filled with home made food from their mothers and most of all letters hand written by their parents. The members get emotional reading the letters except they cracked up hearing Sung Woon's grandpa wants him to quickly tie the knot! 

Their 24 hour freedom has ended where automatically the members are getting ready for their come-back with the new album. 'Nothing Without You' and Beautiful were the singles released in their album. Fans queued up for hours to catch a glimpse of their idols cheering for them loudly at the TV station. With busy schedules up to the end of the year, they have another 12 hours freedom from their Zero Base camp. They were happy to be relaxed with new gym equipment and toys. Min Hyun snoozes at the couch, Woo Jin does his own thing, Jae Hwan and Seung Woo jamming away, Sung Woon lazing around, Dae Hwi composing songs at his computer, Jin Young is off to school, Ji Hoon practising his shooting skills and Kuan Lin taking a nap. But where is our Kang cho-ding? 

Daniel boarded the KTX to Busan to visit his mother. He envied the rest of members who could spend their time with their parents but he didn't have the time because everything was too busy. The happy puppy was visiting his hometown, bought some flowers, visited a shopping mall where he met his mother. He looked shy for the first time giving flowers while bystanders admired him. 

        시크뉴스 포토

The mother & son enjoyed a good Chinese cuisine and catching up after so many months. Daniel was flustered when his mother bought everything that was endorsed by him! She is also happy and proud of what her son has achieved after training hard without any complains. She pointed out the 100 push ups worked out well now that he has the best body build. Now it's shopping time where Daniel bought a branded bag, shoes and earrings for his mother. T
Their mother and son bonding trip ended quickly where she asked him to sign autographs for her close friends! Ha ha! 

Daniel is waiting for another person at a quiet street. The person then calls out 'Eui Geon-ah!' as he laughed. The mysterious person still calls Daniel by his original birth name. 
I'd think the person must be his 'teacher' or mentor from school or during young days...

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