Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Battle of pride continues at Master in the House.

The second part of Master In the House featuring Winter Olympics speed skating champion, Lee Seung Hun continues where the master brought them to the skating rink. After monitoring the four butlers skating across the rink, Se Hyung suggested Team Racing. First skater has to be good to start off with ace Sung Jae speeding up easily on the track. Seung Gi is determined not to lose out to the ace while Se Hyung and Sang Yun struggled at the bottom. 
However Sang Yun was clumsy as usual after been pushed behind by Seung Gi, he stumbled and fell down twice on the track. Teamwork was good where they quickly brought him up. 

              /사진=SBS '집사부일체' 방송 캡쳐

They tried the second time after monitoring their performance to go 2 laps within 4 minutes. If they win, Master Lee needs to buy them night snacks. Butlers struggled and won the game at 3 mins 52 secs. Also Lee suggested a little game of curling using their helmets on the rink. Winner gets to share the same room with Master and even wears the gold medal for a day. Everyone's eyes were aiming at the gold medal. Sung Jae was leading the game until Se Hyung rolled his helmet and pushed Sang Yun's helmet right to the first line. The disappointment on Se Hyung's face while Sang Yun jumps with joy! Master Lee orders midnight snacks for everyone and had a good phone chat with his wife. Everyone gathered at the kitchen to enjoy spicy rice cakes, cheesy pizza, pig trotters, soft drinks, fritters...etc. Master Lee can't remember the last time he had snacks as he was busy training for the past few years. Weight and health are very important for national athletes. However right now it doesn't matter as Master Lee just started pigging out and the rest were chomping down the food happily. 

They were rather shocked when Master Lee suggested a leg race where he will skate using one foot and the rest have the advantage of 4 skaters. 5 laps in total with 4 rookies vs. 1 Olympic champion. Their pride was dashed out when Lee proudly says he will still with 1-foot race against four of them. Night came so everyone prepared for bed. Seung Gi laughs wondering the Master will suffer entire night with Sang Yun loves talking. Indeed Lee is about to doze off when Sang Yun kept chatting away even though they are lying on bed. Before the alarm rang, Lee woke up sharp at 7.00 a.m. Somehow Sang Yun woke up too and send a text message to the three snoozing away in the other room. Lee and Sang Yun headed to the short skate rink to warm up. Sang Yun happens to be Lee's first student in life so he taught him the cornering skills at the rink. Sung Jae woke up with the sunlight rays shining through the window. He was surprised to see the text message Sang Yun send an hour ago! The three were flabbergasted to know Sang Yun left them to train quietly with Master Lee. Seung Gi just surrendered as he didn't feel like waking up. Master Lee told them to quickly head down to the rink for training.

Dragging their feet, Se Hyung promised to teach Sang Yun a lesson for betraying them. Sang Yun just smiled sneakily as he doesn't want to wear the blue tight costume worn by speed skaters in the competition. Now the competition begins with butlers vs. Master Lee in 1-leg speed skating. Seung Gi is the first to start off but Lee just bypassed him almost half of the track in one-foot skating without using the other one! The entire rink had their exclamations of "oooh-aah... what's that?" seeing the huge gap of Lee and themselves. As Lee starts to tire down with Sung Jae at the last skater, still he won them over 0.05 seconds. Apparently in the 1-leg skating, Lee is always the best in training. Hah! Talk about winning a gold medallist! Ha-ha!
Final race is individual race so the loser has to wear the skimpy tight costume worn by Lee.
Lee gave his predictions that Sung Jae will be first and last is Seung Gi! OMG...Seung Gi is devastated with the prediction. He is more determined to take the 2nd spot. The race started with Seung Gi heading first and slowly Sung Jae picked up the rhythm edging the three easily to the finish line. No doubt ace Sung Jae is great in skating. The battle of the three begins as Se Hyung overtook the two from outer lane. Sang Yun struggling even though he's been taught the cornering skills. However at the last 10m, Se Hyung slipped and fell on his tummy leaving the other two bypassing to the finish line! 

Seung Gi advises him that it should be an honour to wear the costume worn by Master Lee and even autographed. The three got dressed warmly while waiting at the running track for Se Hyung to arrive. They laughed at him as Se Hyung walked awkwardly as if he was ashamed of his body covered with a thick parka jacket. Everyone laughed as Se Hyung described the feeling of his bum been pulled to the back so tightly that he couldn't stand straight. Master Lee admitted it's difficult to wear the skin tight fitting costume and skaters tend to bend down when they see photographers around the rink. After all it's not too decent for photos snapped by media especially in the front! Ha ha! They lay on the running track while remembering the moments when they were young- passion for their dream. Lee promises to continue his dream to Beijing Winter Olympics 2022. If he wins another medal, he will return to the series again.
Good luck to Lee Seung Hun and we thank him for his precious time with the 4 butlers.

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