Sunday, March 18, 2018

Shall We Live Together takes over from My Golden Life weekend drama.

It has been a pleasant start for Shall We Live Together for KBS weekend drama.
First episode recorded 23.3% viewers ratings where it took over the spot of the famous My Golden Life drama.

According to Nielsen Korea on 18th March, "Shall We Live Together", which was broadcast the previous day recorded a nationwide audience rating of 23.3%. It is 3.6% higher than the 19.7% recorded in the previous drama 'My Golden Life' when it was first aired and slowly climbed up to 40%.

Shall We Live Together is about a shoemaker Park Hyo Seob who has 4 children. His second daughter Park Yoo Ha (played by Han Ji Hye) who has lived as a chaebol's daughter in law decided to divorce her husband after the family wanted to send her five year old daughter abroad. 

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