Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Master In House butlers became friends with Yoo Yoon Jung.

With their new female Master for the first time, the four butlers were preparing special dinner for Yoo Yoon Jung. Though BTOB's dormitory might be smaller than her Pyeongchang-dong house, but it has proven comfy for she sat watching news while the four men prepared their dishes.

Se Hyung vs. Seung Gi in a fierce cooking competition at the kitchen stove. Se Hyung @ G.Ramsay and Seung Gi @ J.Oliver goes on with their personal cam explaining their specialities. Se Hyung starts marinating the 5 pieces of steak with salt, pepper, olive oil while grilling the fresh asparagus and mushrooms with butter. Sung Jae giggles when the typical Seung Gi tries to make his clam heads Aglio e olio pasta spark out some fire (as what we see in cooking programs) but failed miserably. Instead he was scooping some fire into the pan! 
Sang Yun watches closely as his hoobaes started plating up for their Master. 

               SBS '집사부일체' 방송 캡처

Se Hyung's plating up looked like in a restaurant. Seung Gi's pasta somehow looked good but Yoo lamented it was too salty! The expression on Sung Jae and Se Hyung's face were priceless after eating a scoop of pasta. However Sang Yun enjoyed every bit...Seung Gi added he wanted it more 'Italian' but in real fact he was adding too much salt and Parmesan cheese in the pasta! Se Hyung's steaks were overcooked instead of medium rare. Final verdict? Yoo admits Se Hyung's steaks are better than the pasta. Seung Gi felt defeated as it's either rubber steak or salty pasta! Which would you prefer? After filling their tummies, Se Hyung suggested that they should start a scenario and try out their acting skills in front of a veteran actress for her to judge. The three actors start to feel anxious on acting in front of Yoo. 

Scenario 1: A man breaks up with his gf at the cafe and there was no turning back.
Sang Yun volunteers to be first and his acting skills were superb where his anger was there when he broke up with the girl. Seung Gi gets pressured since Sang Yun did so well. He starts kicking and talking to a soft toy in anger but quickly broke into laughter when he looked at Se Hyung. In fact Seung Gi had three takes since it was mostly NG. Next up was Se Hyung who started splashing water in the bathroom. He brought an umbrella and his entire head was all wet as if he was in the rain. Aww...  everyone started laughing but his take was not bad. Last up was Sung Jae who so nervous. All he did was dialling everyone and looking dejected. Yoo asked if he will call more people when he breaks up in a relationship? He explained that he felt everyone was living well except for him when he breaks up in loneliness. 
Acting lessons ended, so Yoo was getting ready for bed. The four butlers continued their nonsensical games in the living room. Splashing water on open eyes was somehow impossible. 

However Sang Yun has proven he's a tough cookie. He hardly blinked in front of the camera when Sung Jae splashed water on his face. Soon it was Seung Gi vs. Se Hyung in the final showdown who will have to sleep in front of Yoo's bedroom before she wakes up. Yoo opens the door and said, 'Guys...'. The four of them gulped in anxiety wondering if she would tell them off, when she was asking for a new towel. Phew! Yoo reads her book and even writes a journal on meeting these four butlers. Se Hyung pays the penalty to sleep in front of her bedroom while the other three slept soundly in the other room. Next morning the alarm rang, everyone got up but Yoo was still sound asleep. Se Hyung started choosing a wake up and started singing at the front door. Their Master quickly woke up while the butlers prepared hand dripped black coffee, bread with jam and apple for breakfast. Yoo honestly told Se Hyung that he's bad in singing. LOL! Since Yoo has arranged for them to go and meet her 'friend', the butlers headed off to another room with paper to write their disagreement on Yoo. She mentioned in order to be friends with her, they need to list down her unsatisfactory points and say it out. Sang Yun started writing to a point where Se Hyung wonders if it's going to be an essay. He must be bottling up a lot that he wrote non stop and the papers might not be enough!

Everyone got changed and headed to a beautiful hanok house who happens to be Yoo's friend- a designer Tae-Oh. His hanok house has been renovated so well that it even has a basement with antiques and drawings. Se Hyung asks for a price where everyone stopped him from doing so. Everyone admired the place as it was decorated so nicely. He even served them tteokguk (rice cake soup) for the New Year. Everyone enjoyed their meals. At last Seung Gi has to break the weird conversation by presenting her the list of what they have written. He was a bit hesitant but started with Yoo's behaviour. She has mentioned before she wasn't concerned about her looks, but the morning itself she had BB cream and sunnies to look good. She started to get agitated and they laughed if she was angry with them. Seung Gi also pointed out she criticised on whatever they do when she asked they have to be themselves. Yoo admitted she was rather inconsistent in her views. Ha ha!

Now the four butlers have to point out their own unsatisfactory behaviour to each other. Se Hyung and Seung Gi were attacking each other on their attitude/fashion...etc. Seung Gi wishes their elder Hyung would speak more. Sang Yun tries to talk but the two are not listening. He complained to Yoo that is the main point. Whenever he talks, the two are just bickering with each other. Sung Jae pointed out poor Sang Yun is bottled up so he kept venting out to him at night even though he's so sleepy. So Sang Yun promised he will not talk to them during bed time. AH.... Se Hyung chuckled that Sang Yun is annoyed with them.
And so their overnight with Yoo Yoon Jung has ended with sweet memories... 

Next Master is a national hero in the Pyeongchang Olympics 2018- which athlete will be the four butlers new Master? 

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