Thursday, March 15, 2018

Shin Hye Sun and Lee Jong Suk in new drama.

Actress Shin Hye Sun (29) will be meeting actor Lee Jong Suk (29) after 6 years as their last drama they starred together was in School 2013. At that time, Shin was quite a newbie and wasn't in the main lead while Lee was already gaining lots of fame and attention.
Now Shin is one of the hottest actresses after her weekend famous drama My Golden Life has broken record of 40% viewers ratings. 

Now the two are collaborating together in SBS single play drama entitled 사의 찬미 written by Jo Soo Jin and directed by Park Soo Jin. The title is literally translated as Praise of the Company (??).

Praise of the Company is a famous late soprano singer Yoon Shim Duk. The late Yoon was born in Pyeongyang 1924 and became a school teacher at Wonju. When she was in Japan studying music, she fell in love with an English Lit. and drama student Kim Woo Jin who was already a married man. The two lovebirds somehow cannot be together so they boarded the ship and jumped off - drowned. Yoon died at the young age of 29.

Her life story was made into drama and musical. It was a coincidence that Shin happened to hear about the tragic love story between Yoon and Kim on the radio. This is a good opportunity for her play that beautiful role in her life.

The special drama re-examines the cross stared lovers Kim and Yoon in that era. Shin Hye Sun will be playing as the late Yoon Shim Duk while Lee Jong Suk will play the role of Kim. The two part mini special episode will start filming next month but airing date and time have yet to be determined. 

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