Tuesday, March 13, 2018

So Ji Sub, Park Shin Hye, PD Na in new variety show.

Actor So Ji Sub (41) and actress Park Shin Hye (28) have confirmed joining PD Na Young Suk in the new variety show entitled 'Small House In the Forest- 숲 속의 작은 집'

According to the two actors, Salt Entertainment agency has confirmed both are starring in the new documentary show which features new artistic 'Small house in the forest 'by cable channel tvN and are they are currently filming it. 

Under the concept of 'voluntary isolated documentary', this program will draw people who will be living in a remote mountain where no one lives, through So Ji Sub and Park Shin Hye. This work is attracting lots of attention because it is a new concept show by PD Na Young Suk.

The two celebrities have demonstrated self-sufficiency in the mountains where electricity is not available. This program will be filmed on Jeju Island very soon. 'Small house in the forest' will be broadcast after 'Yoon's Restaurant Season 2'. The exact timing of the broadcast has not been decided.

So Ji Sub has mentioned that everyone is going to dream of a time when he will be away alone from all of them. He wants to make a program that has that healing and comfort concept just by having a simple meal and relaxing time in a small house in Jeju Island. He was rather touched and wished he could forget the frivolous daily life for a while for pure relaxation.

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