Tuesday, March 27, 2018

BoA guides 4 butlers in Master in the House.

Yook Sung Jae is the first to arrive as a primary school. Excited as usual he easily mispronounced the see-saw he sat as a swing! Came Se Hyung, followed by Sang Yun and Seung Gi. Again Se Hyung is one step behind dressed in thick white colour parka when cold winter is already over. PD gives them the daily work chart of their new Master. Mental work, office...etc gave them a hint that Master is not an average office worker. A phone call to veteran actor Yoo Hae Jin gave further hints that the Master is single, has high mileage and holds a high position, earning number one titles too. Seung Gi thought the Master must be elderly but Sang Yun straight away knew who the Master was. They arrived at the Master's house and Seung Jae still hasn't got any clue on the Master's identity. 

They visited the house- few floors up to the attic until they reached the second floor where Master was sitting at the balcony with back facing them. They were nervous but not too surprised that singer Kwon BoA is their new Master. At the tender age of 14, she started singing, earning number one spot in Korea and Japan music chart, travelled everywhere holding concerts and the youngest artist to win Dae-Sang at the age of 16. She even hosted KPOP Star and recently in Produce 101:Season 2. Of course her current success came with a lot of difficulties. Se Hyung is delighted to have a Master at a similar age as they have been meeting several veteran singers and actors. Then they drove BoA to SM Entertainment where it's part of her daily work schedule. She is one of the Executive Directors in SM; her responsibilities include guiding and mentoring current trainees and idols in the company.
She conducted a counselling session with Se Hyung portraying as one of a struggling trainee envious of his team members and decided to split up. BoA harshly tells him the reality how good is he to go on his own as solo artist. Uh-oh...!


After touring around the building, they arrived at a dance studio where rookie group NCT 127 were practising their choreography. The four butlers marvelled at the 18-members performance in unison. NCT were cracking up when the butlers introduced themselves. BoA also practised her upcoming new single One Shot, Two Shots choreography. Once again the butlers went "oo-ah" upon seeing her performance. Everyone laughed when Se Hyung mentioned BoA danced to an extent that he thought her hips were dislocated! Haha! She's still flexible at that age and it's time for them to show her their dance moves.

Seung Gi who isn't a good dancer goes first with a random song from Red Velvet. He wasn't that bad as he heard the song so many times in army. Next up was Se Hyung who surprised everyone with his swag dance moves. Even the backup dancers and choreographer were impressed with him. Sang Yun looked desperate, frozen and all tensed up. Seung Gi pointed out Sang Yun's stubble starts to grow too!  Sung Jae is next to show off his b-boying skills and break dance moves under EXID's Up and Down impressing all. No doubt he's an idol singer so this is a piece of cake for him. Last but not least is Sang Yun who was supposed to show off flashy moves of Sunmi's Gashina but he looked as if he was some drunkard man at a karaoke! They were quite embarrassed with his old man moves, nevertheless BoA praised him and told him to be more confident. All he needs is more practice and confidence. Oh-well what can we expect? Sang Yun's an actor, not an idol star.

There will be a test in the next episode where BoA will judge who is the best dancer.
First of all they have to master the key point of BoA's new single One Shot, Two Shot.
She showed them step by step however Sang Yun struggled more than anyone else.
He felt his legs aren't moving simultaneously as his upper body. BoA was very patient and slowly coached him through until he memorised the movements. For the interim test, she chose Sung Jae as the best dancer but in her heart, Sang Yun has given her the best impression despite being sloppy in dancing.

The funniest caption came up with 'Produce All Butlers' instead of Produce 101 program. This new team named Sabu-Way (sounds like Subway) is a new idol group produced by BoA. The best dancer in the final test will take the centre position of the group. Who will that be? 

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