Monday, May 14, 2018

INFINITE's Sungkyu enlists | Goodbye Live Album

Group INFINITE's leader Sung Kyu (29) was enlisted in the afternoon of the 14th May 2018 at Gangwon Goseong Army 22nd Army recruits education entrance. After five weeks of basic military training, he will serve as active duty officer for about 20 months.


Sungkyu became the first member to join the group of six, INFINITE. He is the eldest member of the group. He has quietly entered the day without any other events. He broke up after a big salute to the fans who were found at the scene.

Sung Kyu has released his debut single solo concert 'Shine' live album 'Kim Sung Kyu Shine Live' on the afternoon music site on the day before enlistment. In this album, Kim Sung Kyu 's "Stay with Me"  was sung at the concert. The single has two live and ending finale versions. Special music videos were also released. 'Stay with me' was featured in Kim Sung Kyu's solo regular 1st album '10 Story' last February. He held his first solo concert at the Hall of Peace in Kyung Hee University on May 5-7 this month.

INFINITE has received a reputation for playing music reminiscent of the UK boy band 'Take That', which was a bit like the 1990's. They have become a popular group with hit songs such as 'Paradise' and 'Be Mine' after their debut in 2010. INFINITE used to be 7-member group but last year,  fellow dancer/member Hoya (27) withdrew and did his own activities.
Since then the rest of the members continued on as 6 member group.

Sung Kyu has released his first solo album in 2012 and has been performing solo activities. He also became a musical actor through musicals such as 'Gwanghwamun Sonata', 'In The Heights' and 'All Shook Up'.

We wish Sung Kyu all the best and will see him in 2 years time.

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