Thursday, May 3, 2018

Master In the House butlers cracked up with Ongals.

The four butlers in Master In the House celebrated Lee Sang Yun's 100th day in variety show.
They clapped happily while Se Hyung requested Sang Yun to act his cutesy (aegyo) to an extent Sang Yun blew up saying that's all he can do. The four head hike a van to a building whereby they will be meeting their new master (Sabu). Their Master's daily routine is quite hectic. He has meetings, schedules lined up for working, exercising, Right Now (??)
Hints were given to them where the Master was a big celebrity in the 90's. Sang Yun immediately knew who the Master's identity while the rest continued to crack their brains hard.

         ì‚¬ì§„=SBS '집사부일체' 방송 캡처

Four white A4 papers were laid on the table requesting the butlers to write their resume. Immediately Seung Gi figured out there must be job requirement for them. As the four continued to doodle on the paper, Se Hyung saw Seung Gi's language skills include Japanese!
Se Hyung tested him out while the rest don't have any clue what Seung Gi has spoken. Not long they saw a shadow of a figure dressed in black shirt walking down the spiral stairs and heading to the office. The four got up and were overwhelmed that their master is actor Cha In Pyo

Cha In Pyo was a mega-star in the late 90's when he starred in various hit dramas. He was the icon and idol for all women out there. The roles he have played so far are quite rough, filled with anger and emotions. Remember the brushing teeth in front of mirror angry scene? Everyone laughed when Cha has a striking attitude resemblance as Seung Gi- being rather frivolous and proud of themselves. So Cha went through their resumes closely to choose an Assistant Director. He explained he's currently directing a documentary film on Ongals. Why did he choose to direct instead of acting? Cha looks up to his role model actor/director Clint Eastwood who is doing his work with passion at age 80+. 

Ongals is stand up babbling comedy by South Korean comedians dressed in clown babies suits. The 4 members were so poor but struggled well internationally with their shows. Cha met them when he was in overseas and decided to help them in by directing a docu. film about Ongals. Finally he decided Seung Gi to be his assistant. Feeling proud, they were told to change their clothes and headed to work. Immediately they were introduced to the chief designer of clothes Nicole from USA. Their faces cringe up because of communication problem. Cha assigned Sung Jae and Sang Yun to help out in the wardrobe. Nicole pointed out the worst job was Se Hyung as he hurriedly sew a pattern on the clothes! Sung Jae was then chosen to assist Nicole to the end.

It was quite a culture shock for them as Cha requires 50 push ups every hour when the alarm rings on the phone! They laughed and continued doing the push ups since it's part of the Master's routine. Finally they met the Ongals members and started dressing them up. Seung Gi stayed behind urging Sang Yun and Se Hyung in buying lunch boxes on a tight budget. As usual Sang Yun's expertise in Maths managed to buy some meals with meat for the staffs. They gobbled the food and moved to the next location- rooftop to rehearse the comedy.
The butlers were impressed with the Ongals' performances despite the clothes they were wearing and Seung Gi along with Sang Yun made everyone laugh with their body gags and slapstick comedy. Cha sat there smiling away proud of his butlers who worked hard for the day.
Now resting time, Cha suddenly started brushing his teeth at his office room made everyone giggled. He didn't get it as they remembered the angry tooth brushing scene from the drama!
Sung Jae probably hasn't seen any of Cha's earlier dramas since he was a late boomer but he reenacted those angry emotional scenes from the drama 'Dae-mul'. All cracked up upon seeing Se Hyung doing the shampoo washing CF done by Cha. Sang Yun was creative in terms of drawing the manga character on his eyelids which impressed Cha. Winner of the day was Sang Yun again! He has been winning most of the master's given missions.

Seung Gi asked what is RIGHT NOW in Cha's schedule. He brief them on the story of his bed-ridden younger brother who passed on after 6 months. It was a sad journey whereby he didn't manage to express his love for his brother. So Cha is determined to carry out any projects or say whatever he wants without wasting anymore time. Then he brought up the topic where he has a loyal fan from Taiwan for ages. The lady is a faithful follower until today but recently she started posting other celebrity photos on SNS. Cha discovers that the fan is interested in someone else. So he decided to coolly hand over his faithful fan to this 'other celebrity' while he wanted to remain as friends. The four butlers glanced at each other wondering who is the 'unlucky' one who snatched away the fan's love for Cha In Pyo. LOL!

Se Hyung guessed it must be Seung Gi who has taken over the fan's support and love from Cha. Cha decided to do a video call with the lady fan by the name of Ann Woo. His big plan was having the four butlers hiding under the table while he talks to Ann. The English conversation went well at start and suddenly Cha dropped his pen- an indicator where he will bring out the celebrity who has become Ann's favourite. It turns out to be true- Ann is now Seung Gi's new fan! Seung Gi felt quite awkward while Cha did his hand-over fan ceremony in front of Ann. Ann denies her love and support for Cha and asked if he is coming over to Taiwan again.
Immediately Cha shot down by saying 'I'm not Lee Seung Gi'...aww...he's being sulky. Ha ha!

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