Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Master in the House butlers learn humble teachings.

Four butlers were instructed to meet at a ground nearby at Gyeongju. First to arrive was Seung Gi who was dressed quite oddly. He looked as if he was sponsored to wear those branded sparkly jacket. Second to arrive is Se Hyung who literally wondered if Seung Gi was trying to show off his branded clothes. Third arrived is big brother Sang Yun who dressed normally and he questioned why Seung Gi's clothes is funny. They scoffed off when Sung Jae arrived laughing at Seung Gi's wardrobe saying he looks like a Power Ranger! Everyone cracked up wondering the designer of the jacket must be very disappointed to hear that comment.

PD tells them their new Master is from Gyeongju. He has 100 million views on YouTube and very influential in some way. As far as they know; some celebrity to have so many views online would be singer PSY but he's definitely not from Gyeongju! Sung Jae gets the chart of the master's daily life. 4 hours of sleep sends a shocking look across their faces! The rest is attending events... oh dear! Is he/she some famous trot singers attending gigs across the country? They received a call from actress Han Ji Min that instantly made all of them smiled happily. Seung Gi and Se Hyung went a bit overboard by asking personal questions...etc.
Sang Yun and Sung Jae being more matured started apologising to Han Ji Min for the other two weird behaviour. She mentioned the master is someone who can give them answers to life and even knows what's best for them. The master is someone Ji Min is very grateful to and he even refused her gift she has prepared. Seung Gi continued asking if she still likes the Master to which she said yes. Quickly Sang Yun thanked her for her time and ended the call. 

PD sees Seung Gi and Se Hyung were very distracted as they started talking about Han Ji Min where Sang Yun and Sung Jae were cracking their brains to figure out the identity of the Master. A truck was instructed to drive the butlers to meet their Master as some farm located in some highland area. They tried pressing answers from the female driver but she didn't budget at all. They saw many people squatting at the ground growing crops, dressed in hats and very grey monk wardrobe. Seung Gi shook his head pointing out that he is not dressed today for farming! Ha ha! His Power Ranger jacket is somehow way too off for farming! Immediately they spotted someone familiar crouching away in glasses. Their new Master is none other than Venerable Pomnyun

                  ì§‘사부일체 법륜스님 / 사진: SBS '집사부일체' 방송 캡처

Pomnyun is a Korean Buddhist monk who is known for his ecological, human rights, world peace. He is trying his best to eradicate famine, disease and illiteracy. He is one who supports aids to North Korean citizens who are suffering. His events and talks are always very meaningful even to celebrities such as Han Ji Min, Shin Min Ah and Jo In Sung. His presentation uploaded in YouTube have often viewed million over times by the public. He quickly tells them the butlers are needed to plant the seedlings in the bed if they want to eat. Ah... the funny look on their faces...if they don't work, no food is given. That's just simple...
Sang Yun and Sung Jae planted the seedlings fast without talking so much. However the two show off brothers struggled with Pomnyun helping them. After planting, the butlers were treated with vegetable bibimbap (no meat) where they enjoyed eating happily too.

Next they changed into comfortable clothes while Pomnyun served them some tea. Seung Gi, Se Hyung and Sung Jae cringed after drinking the tea as it was so bitter- turns out to be Sumac tea. He teaches them nothing comes easy in life. Bitterness is always there in everyone's life.
Sang Yun didn't feel any bitterness after second sip. Se Hyung asked if there was some water some where as Sung Jae was seen scrubbing his tongue as the after taste of bitterness still lingers for a long time. Now time for teachings... was there a time they felt angry or anger bursting out from their feelings? Se Hyung came up with a situation where he bought clothes dryer for his younger brother Se Chan. However the drier leaks because Se Chan doesn't operate it properly and leads to his anger. 

Pomnyun asks if he thinks that's Se Chan's fault? Se Hyung explains further because of his brother, he bought the dryer to make life more comfortable. But he is angry because Se Chan is not operating it properly. Sung Jae reckons it's the dryer's fault that water is seeping out!  
Another incident is where he playfully provokes a child at the elevator but the child shows his anger at him. After that, Se Hyung felt so upset about the child for he is trying to be playful. Seung Gi finds Se Hyung is the one being annoying no wonder the child is pissed off too. Pomnyun advises it'd be best to apologize to the kid regardless if he remembers or not. It's just to get rid of that something lingering inside us otherwise it will stress us out. On Seung Gi, he asked advice on he's trying to show off to people that he has gone to special forces army. He tells everyone what he has done...blah..etc that probably tires everyone out.

Pomnyun advises it is not a big deal that Seung Gi has undergone special army forces as everyone did too. Every Korean men have to enlist for 2 years so whether it's special forces or not, it's a main responsibility. That fact is true! Se Hyung agreed and pointed out that Seung Gi should only speak on his experiences when asked (not whenever he wants to gain attention!) 
Sung Jae laughs that Se Hyung's notes on Pomnyun's teachings are written neatly so he deserves another cup of Sumac tea! Hahhaaha!

Another lesson where the four were seated in a room, cross folded legs- to remain silent for a period of time was pure torture for those who loved to yak. Sung Jae nearly burst into laughter while Sang Yun remained his posture.

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