Thursday, May 24, 2018

Onscreen INFINITE L and Go A-Ra.

Miss Hammurabi drama has kicked off well with leads INFINITE L (Kim Myung Soo), Go A-Ra, Sung Dong Il, Lee Elijah and Lee Tae Sung

The drama revolves a group of judges working for the government, their daily lives, encountering with citizens and some very difficult cases to decide.

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Kim Myung Soo plays as a very elite and intelligent right hand judge Im Ba Reun who not only sticks to rules, excels in his studies but also has all the looks- except he comes from a poor family. Go A-Ra is a happy go lucky rookie judge Parkcha Oh Reum who joins the Division 44 in the panel. The presiding judge Han Se Sang played by Sung Dong Il is just wacky and cool as ever. The first 2 episodes cracked everyone up with Oh Reum's realistic behaviour in the government building. She cannot stand when men are bias towards women and bullying them.

Ba Reun and Oh Reum studied together in the same high school. Somehow Ba Reun has a crush on Oh Reum but somehow they went on separate ways. They two finally were reunited in the world of rules and laws. Somehow their opinions clashed. Ba Reun is working hard to make ends meet while Oh Reum's mother is somehow gone a bit senile living in an old home. As a mentor to Oh Reum, Ba Reun is always on the look out for her. 

                       ì‚¬ì§„=JTBC '미스 함무라비' 방송화면 캡처

Lee Elijah plays the feisty secretary Lee Do Yeon to Division 44 panel judges who hardly speaks nonsense except excel in her daily work. The judges might look too young in their characters but they have pulled it out well. L (Myung Soo) has improved a lot in his acting when he does his cynical looks, his inwards thoughts appear- they do appeal to viewers.
Go A-Ra the usual bubbly person as she is....however she has showed too many emotions as a judge when presiding cases which makes it difficult to read her mind.

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