Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Lee Jun Hyuk surprises Lee Yu Bi in A Poem A Day.

The ship has finally sailed for "Ye-Line"! YES! 
I should be very happy for this couple. They went through laughter, sadness and misunderstandings to get to a point she finally agreed to date him. 

A Poem A Day drama brings us more poetry whereby there was one that captured my attention which is "You are such a Fool 넌 바보다" by Shin Hyeong Gun. The poet talks about the girl who is rather silly and admired everything which is so simple as beautiful. But it does show the other side where the guy can be foolish in rejecting a relationship. 


Woo Bo Young gets agitated when Ye Jae Wook harshly tells a teen national soccer player who was injured in an accident to quit the treatments if he doesn't want it. She doesn't understand why Jae Wook was cold towards the patient. The rest of the staff were rather surprised that Jae Wook can be very mean. Meanwhile Min Ho continues to follow Bo Young to shops selling poetry books which is out of his interest. Cameo appearance by Ha Suk Jin who injured his back and was admitted to the hospital. He falls in love at the first sight with Yoon Ju. Kim Dae Bang is annoyed that Yoon Ju agrees to have dinner with Suk Jin even he's a patient. In fact Yoon Ju was doing so to stop Suk Jin from discharging himself from the ward.

Comical scenes with the indecisive Dae bang Dae Bang...and Mr. Decisive Ha Suk Jin who decides everything from A-B until his death! LOL! Yoon Ju finally couldn't stand the two arguing at the car park angrily hissed off that she will neither date Suk Jin nor have dinner with Dae Bang. Nam Woo and Joo Yong advises that timing is the most important for Min Ho to confess his feelings to Bo Young. He is waiting for the right time since she has just been rejected by Dr. Ye. Min Ho rubs more salt on the wound when he announces that he goes to party at the beach with Bo Young. 

Bo Young finds the soccer player coming again for treatments only to realise that it was Jae Wook who motivated him. Jae Wook used to be national player for the baseball team but changed his career path mid-way after he injured himself. His dreams were dashed when told he can't play baseball anymore but he didn't give up after a physiotherapist advised him. Bo Young teared up apologising to Jae Wook for being rude towards him without knowing the real story. He felt bad and couldn't console her further. Min Ho saw from far in the cafe thinking Bo Young is still crying over the past rejection. Jae Wook pondered again while driving knowing he cannot give up. He quickly turned back to ask for second chance from Bo Young. She was so shocked to hear that Jae Wook is agreeing to date her! She laughed happily and nodded.

Indeed love can turn someone different. Jae Wook tells Bo Young to keep their relationship a secret from the staffs at work. Min Ho still doesn't know that Bo Young is seeing Jae Wook. Nam Woo gives him false news thinking Bo Young pines for his attention. Aww... Jae Wook's 360 degrees personality change does surprise everyone at work. His cold demeanour is only towards Dr. Park who bullies Bo Young around. Jae Wook is seen smiling more often, drawing hearts on a notepad and stealing glances at his girl. Dr. Park and Chief Yang wonder who is his mysterious girlfriend...etc. 

Of course we should expect heartaches from Min Ho when he discovers that Bo Young and Jae Wook's ship has finally sailed off before he makes any move. 
And best cameo appearance from A-PINK's Chorong as Nam Woo's girlfriend. Awww...
Everyone has their girl except for Min Ho,Joo Young and Dae Bang... ha-ha-ha! 

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