Monday, May 7, 2018

"Right Now" for the butlers Master in the House.

The second part of serving their new master Cha In Pyo continues whereby he advises them on the new concept he's been doing- Right Now. What does that mean? Cha believes one needs to do something immediately if he/she hasn't done before. If one sits and do nothing, nothing will ever happen or come to you. One must take action first before he/she regrets in future. Like him, people always wander why an actor need to go through the difficulty of producing and directing films for Ongals. It might be a flop or a success but one will never know until he/she challenges the risk. 

Dinner arrived for the butlers and the master- it's Chinese dishes. Everyone dug in happily as they were hungry too. Cha asked them if there is one thing they would like to do as in Right Now- what would they have done? Nobody could answer it well. Sang Yun raised his hand saying to have all the men go to sauna (jimjilbang) together. In that way most men will get close and know more about each other. When the question popped up stating, there will be beach would be great and suddenly Cha mentioned his wife's current place in US has those beautiful beaches with sunrise and sunset...etc. Four butlers continued to look blank. Seung Gi blurted out his grandmother stays in Sokcho near the beach. It has been almost 4 years since he last seen her and promised to visit her after military services but never got the chance as he's too occupied with work. Without hesitation, Cha announced they can visit Seung Gi's grandma in Sokcho and still attend the hospital charity performance in Seoul! Seung Gi's eyes twitched and everyone just looked shocked. Even the producers and staff were gobsmacked upon hearing Cha's immediate suggestion. He suggested they leave at 4.00 am to travel to Sokcho and see the sunrise. Then by 7.00 am, they can visit Seung Gi's grandma, have breakfast and then come back to Seoul for the 11.00 am performance at the hospital ward for the rehab patients.

It was spur on the moment decision which left everyone in dazed. Seung Gi admitted he has never done such thing before but excited to see his grandma. His grandma cannot travel due to car sickness so it's time for them to visit her. They quickly prepared for bed, Seung Gi rang his grandma. She sounded so happy upon hearing her grandson's voice. Everyone spoke to her and she will cook spicy fish soup and crabs for everyone to eat. Awww...the thought of seafood and wonderful meal makes everyone hungry. By 1.00 am, everyone is fast asleep. Cha got confused with time, he woke up 1 hour earlier, headed off to buy coffee and bagels for breakfast. Everyone was groggy and woke up hastily to eat bagels and coffee. Se Hyung still looked dazed and sleepy. Sung Jae reminded them the master is heading off in a hurry so the staffs scattered to prepare the car and everything. By 4.00 a.m, the butlers and Cha hit the road to travel to Sokcho. Cha rang his wife, Shin Ae Ra and everyone spoke to her on the phone. Seung Gi noted his master is still impatient and quickly ended the call without them saying goodbye. They reached Sokcho beach by 6.30 am and enjoyed seeing the sunrise. Selfies and photos are a must at the beach for them. They loved every moment of it even though they are tired. Next thing, they arrived at grandma's house- which turned out to be big house with doors, garden and quiet place. Grandma was pleased to see everyone as she even knows Cha.


As they continued deeper in the conversation, Cha asked Grandma if her grandson ever sung for her. She said that was ages ago. Se Hyung suggested to practise their performance later at the hospital in front of Grandma first (except without the props). Seung Gi looked nervous and embarrassed for the first time. Grandma smiled happily upon seeing them enjoying her home cooked meals- steamed snow crabs, plenty side dishes, spicy fish soup...etc. It must have taken her a while to prepare the big feast since dawn! Butlers loved the crabs and Cha envied that Seung Gi still has a grandma who is healthy, can sin and joke yet can cook so well. Cha thanked for his wonderful meal and left hurriedly to prepare for the event in Seoul. Soon it was time for butlers to leave. They bid farewell to Grandma as she smiled happily waving from behind. Butlers arrived at the hospital where staffs and patients greeted them. Wearing their props, Se Hyung announced there will be Ongals performance. The 4 butlers along with Cha dressed in sparkly performance jackets started singing Park Hyun Bin's trot song 'Shabang, Shabang'. Cha and Sang Yun have their straight faced as back-dancers while Seung Gi and Sung Jae belted out well. Ongals continued their non-verbal performance entertaining all from young to old. A male patient requested for them to come back next week for visit. It seems Cha and his wife Shin Ae Ra have been carrying out many philanthropy works.  They have adopted children, organised charity events and giving back to the unfortunate. 

It is a starting point for the Ongals at their home soil but might be a new breakthrough. 
The butlers have also learned a new motivation concept- RIGHT NOW. It's now or never.

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