Thursday, May 24, 2018

Three Min-Seok in Dangerous Beyond the Blankets S2.

In the most recent episode of Dangerous Beyond the Blankets Season 2, first homebody to arrive at the rest vacation house is the national speed skater Kim Min Seok. He has recently won a medal at the PyeongChang Winter Olympics 2018. 

Before that rapper Loco was in the house who was rather stunned to see a national athlete in the house. Skater Min Seok was thrilled to know people do recognize him. He admitted he hasn't watch TV for ages...the last drama he watched was Boys Over Flowers (?!What?!)
He has been training all the years to compete in the games. Loco then proudly tells him what are his daily schedules he's been following! What the.. ?

Then came EXO's Xiumin (whose real name is also Kim Min Seok) arriving at the house. Loco is happier than anyone to greet an EXO member.  Xiumin then chose to share the attic room with Loco. As he got downstairs to scout the cleanliness of the kitchen and bathroom, Loco quietly scattered to clean up as Xiumin is known to be a clean and neat freak. Last homebody to arrive that day is actor Kim Min Seok...(for those who will know he was in the drama Descendants of the Sun as the baby soldier)...he's adorable and cute. Loco was familiar with him as he greeted him happily. Actor Min Seok is rather astounded to know there are actually three Min-Seok in the house! He once hosted Music Bank before so he recognised Xiumin and shook his has been almost a year since they last met at the music broadcast. 

Skater Min Seok is fast asleep in the room while he wrote a bucket list on the notice board. Everyone laughed because it states the athlete wants to build sand castles at the beach! While the three started talking and joked away, they soon tucked themselves to bed. The next morning, skater Min Seok woke up surprised to see a new room mate- actor Min Seok. Hah!
They exchanged greetings in their messy hair...while Xiumin and Loco are already awake at the kitchen area. Loco tries to cook and at the end of the day actor Min Seok stepped in to take the frying pan. Everyone enjoyed the stir fried noodles prepared by Loco and they clapped their hands stating it's unique to cook for three Min-Seok in the house! 

이불 밖은 위험해, 시우민, 김민석, 송민호, 로꼬

Xiumin finds it amazing that he and Min Seok share the same Chinese characters in their names. Wow! Three Min-Seok and Loco drove to the nearby beach to build sandcastles!
At first it was disastrous as the sandcastle shapes were all out. Soon they mastered the skills and Min Seok wonder why they are doing weird activities because they want to fulfil skater Min Seok's bucket list. Soon Loco left them where the three hoped there won't be another Min Seok celebrity joining them. Decided that Actor Min Seok is the oldest, followed by middle Xiumin and youngest skater Min Seok. That night three men were grilling meat for dinner. Their fourth homebody is WINNER's Song Min Ho arriving with so much baggage! Skater Min Seok thought he was some refugee lugging so many clothes. He shares the attic room with Xiumin.

He was surprised to know there are three Kim Min-Seok in the house and he's Min Ho. Actor Min Seok said it's Big Min Seok, Middle Min Seok (Xiumin), 
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