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H.O.T reunites in Infinite Challenge- Part 1

MC Yoo Jae SukHaha, Yang Se Hyung were invited to an old run down stage down with a surprise that they have successfully contacted all the members of H.O.T group. It was a difficult process to get all the members together. It has been 17 years they were on hiatus and their very last concert was in 2001. PD informs the cast that H.O.T members were met up individually where they explained there were various opinions and thoughts of reunion but never seem to work. Members were told not to contact each other- just to think if they want to reunite and to think of their fans. 

Infinite Challenge- To To Ga 3 (Saturday Night Singer Season 3) kicks off with Kang Ta arrived first as he looked nervous. Now that he's a director with SM Entertainment, it isn't easy for him to come up to such event. Next up was Tony Ahn who felt overwhelmed seeing the emcees and Kang Ta welcoming him. They were preparing for the worst if others are not turning up, Jae Suk suggested he, Haha and Se Hyung will join them be part of H.O.T. Muahahah! 
All looked nervous when leader Moon Hee Jun was third to show up. Hee Jun was confused who were his members as the hosts were dressed up in the colourful uniforms that they used to wear while performing 'Candy'. Youngest member Lee Jae Won peeked into the dark room and commented the place is so shabby. Hah! He's the tallest, thinnest and quietest. At last final member Jang Woo Hyuk turned up whereby all clapped happily that everyone has agreed to reunite again! 

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(L:R= Tony, Jae Won, Kang Ta, Hee Jun and Woo Hyuk)
Tony shed some tears as he never expected all would turn up. It has been many unsuccessful meet up for all and this time everyone is here. MBC has really brought them together. Members were further shown old music videos and their performances when they were so young- they were at their peak of career. Everyone cracked up at their bad hair-do and dressing.
In fact the shabby studio is where H.O.T debuted on stage and began their career as first generation idol group. Most important mission is the members have to sing and dance by scoring 95 or above in the karaoke. Hee Jun suggested We Are The Future for the 1st song and they started struggling after 1st verse. The 'legend' idols have forgotten most of their choreography and they were panting for breath. Woo Hyuk still maintained his moves well.
First song scored 94 missed out by 1 point. So they are heading to Warrior of Descendants- their title song which made them even worst off at 80 points. LOL! Candy was their 3rd song where hosts were all excited and giddy over the happy tune. Still it wasn't good enough to score well...members were already exhausted and lying on the floor. It was already 11.45 pm and yet they cannot score 95 points. Lastly Kang Ta suggested his own song 'Hope' where he wrote it and became a hit song for the group. Surprisingly it scored 95 points! 

Following days the members were practising their choreo but their bodies are not giving in so well. Tony injured his knees as their age are creeping up. Most of them would be 40 years of age by now. Even youngest Jae Won is having problems in catching breath. News started spreading like a wild fire online with fans applying non stop for a seat to the Ilsan MBC studio for 800 seats. Soon the production cast changed the venue to Olympic park which could accommodate 2400 seats for their loyal fans. There were mixed feelings and comments from the public regarding their come back and concert. The entire Infinite Challenge cast met up again with H.O.T members in a studio where they were told to randomly call up 5 lucky fans informing them they won two tickets to the concert. 

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Kang Ta made the first call to a female fan who was happy that she won a ticket but she couldn't recognise his voice via the phone. Woo Hyuk rang up a fan who happened to immediately recognise his voice but as Kang Ta's fan; she said bluntly Kang Ta doesn't sound like him! Ha ha! Hee Jun's lucky fan squealed happily that she won the seats and he is her fan during young days. Came to Tony's turn, the female fan answered quietly and didn't sound happy at all. The awkward feeling broke into laughter's when she thought Hee Jun was the caller! She was Woo Hyuk's fan and said she saw all their SNS postings. When the call was passed onto Park Myung Soo, it sounded so flat and dejected. Jun Ha reckoned the fan doesn't want to even talk to Myung Soo at all where she sounded so call and snorted behind.
Last up is Jae Won who sounded like a staff calling a fan regarding the seats. His dorky and clumsiness resulted more confusion and laughter since she guessed others names except for him!
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When asked how do they feel about speaking personally to their fans- they started tearing up in emotions when they heard the first fan cried saying it's been a long time...such a long time she has waited for this moment for them to come back together. 

Stay tuned for Part 2 of Infinite Challenge featuring H.O.T come back. 

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