Monday, February 5, 2018

K-Pop news on 06-Feb 2018

So what's in the news of K-pop and K-drama land this week

BTS leader and rapper, RM (Kim Nam Joon, 24) has recently undergone surgery for nasal seizures. The group's agency Big Hit Entertainment rep said on Feb 5th, "RM has been suffering from nasal septum due to difficulty in breathing with its nose and cartilage. Nasal seizure is a vertically located nose at the centre of the nose, which indicates that the nasal septum, which is the wall that divides the nostrils into two, is bent and causes nose-related symptoms- Nasal obstruction and sinusitis. Treatment can be done by correcting the septa via surgery. The rep has said, "The surgery is carried out safely and RM is recuperating."


FNC Entertainment which handles CN BLUE band will take legal action against false rumors and factors which is defaming the leader vocalist Jung Yong Hwa regarding his admission to Kyunghee University. Recently the singer has been confirmed for enlistment and rumours starting spreading around. He will enlist on March 5th, which is ahead of his overseas schedules.

Previously, Jung Yong Hwa was dismissed in the process of applying to the doctoral course of Applied Arts at the Graduate School of Kyunghee University in 2017, but it was revealed that he did not receive official interview nor passed the final examination. It was all false report.


Boy band GOT7 prepares for their next comeback whereby they will be releasing in March 2018 and Global World Tour kicks off in May 2018. The group celebrates their 4th year since their debut in singing industry. 

It has been a while since GOT7 has been active in the music industry.
They were popular with their hits such as Teenager, Never Ever, Hard Carry and You Are.
The members have been in various dramas and entertainment programs.


SM NCT is also preparing for their for its first broadcast. The new concept group is debuting in 2018. SM Entertainment said, "NCT will host the live event "WELCOME NCT 2018" via SMTOWN and NCT channels of Naver V-Live at 7:00 pm on the 6th February.

This is the first live broadcast of 18 NCT members and the newly joined members Jung Woo, Lucas and Kuhn will make their debut too. NCT has released two NCT 2018 Yearbooks to introduce 18 members who will serve as various teams of NCT in 2018 prior to their full-fledged activities.

- What?! 18 members...that's too many in a group...this isn't going to work...sorry to say... ** 


MNet "Chinese Idol Trainer"- Produce 101 with unfortunate similarities.

MNet has expressed regrets as a program that has literally copied the 'Produce 101' concept which was a big hit syndrome in South Korea amid the plagiarism of Chinese programs' unauthorised Korean programs.

Mnet said on Feb 5, "The program concept, composition, process, editing method and set design elements of" Idol Trainer ", which started broadcasting on January 19 at 8 pm local time in China, will be broadcasted by Korea Mnet in 2016 and 2017- they are deeply sorry for the similarity from Produce 101.

'Idol Trainer' is not a program that was formally purchased with the Produce 101 format.

** Hah! Are we looking to find another wannabe of China's Wanna One in process? What a joke! China is famed for copying many variety shows from RM, Hidden Singer, Mask King and now Produce 101.... ** 

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