Monday, February 5, 2018

Review on C-drama: General and I

Over the weekend, a close friend of mine suggested for me to watch this Chinese mainland drama entitled General and I’. I was bit skeptical about starting any Hong Kong TVB dramas as it has been a while since I last seen a Hong Kong drama and what’s more on Mainland drama. And when it was mentioned Wallace Chung and Angelababy are the main leads in the drama, I gave it go since it’s available on YouTube with English subtitles. Yay!

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And my journey begins with the fictional warring period of Jin state, Yan state, Liang state, Bai Lan state and other neighboring countries in China. Jin state is the most prosperous state with Emperor Sima Hong and entire army led by the powerful General Chu Bei Jie (played by Wallace). Bei Jie has never lost in any battle and successful gained recognition from his country and people. Yan state is on the verge of losing so they send the young Jing An’s Prince He Xia (played by Sun Yi Zhou) to fight. Arriving on time is He Xia’s faithful maid servant Bai Ping Ting (played by Angelababy) used the nature’s strategy and time to stop Jin from invading Yan. Bei Jie sensed there is someone who is a skilled strategist helping the inexperienced He Xia.

When He Xia was betrayed by the King of Yan, his family was wiped out leaving him struggling to find a place to stand, he vowed to revenge back on Bei Jie. Ping Ting was injured during the war where Bei Jie found her at a river. She wears the hairpin which reminded him, it once belong to his late mother and given to the little girl who was his childhood friend. Emperor bestowed Bei Jie with the name of Prince Zhen Hei after his glory. The Royal Consort Zhang is in love with Bei Jie for a long time but her love was not reciprocated. She is unhappy in the palace and schemes her way to become the Empress while seeking revenge on Bei Jie.

He Xia went through various back doors and somehow found his way to the lonely Princess Yao Tian of Bai Lan state by becoming a Prince Consort. He was also jealous and felt threatened when he saw Ping Ting is in love with Bei Jie. Emperor Sima Hong is devastated after his twins and Empress’ deaths. He thinks the General has defied his orders thus sending him to battle with Liang state.  Bei Jie is unaware of his real identity as he is half-brother to the Emperor and another heir to the throne. He was adopted as the late Empress Dowager’s godson and lived in the Palace pledging his full loyalty to the Emperor and country. 

 To be honest, I haven’t actually watched much Chinese period dramas and rather new to fantasy romance ones. The CGI was sometimes crap as you can see it is rather fake when it comes to background sceneries. However the costumes, many extras and horses made it grand at the main battlefield. I’ve seen Wallace Chung in other dramas and movies but it’s probably my first time seeing him donning in glossy battle armor. He might not be a dashing Prince but at some angle shots in the poster, he does carry the General vibe. I’d say Angelababy is pretty looking as usual but she looks rather skinny where clothes were just draping over her entire body. Her role is similar to the Three Kingdoms intelligent war strategist Zhuge Liang except she is a woman.

Romantic scenes? Yes- a lot!… if you are rooting for Bei Jie and Ping Ting couple- you can expect many sparks. As for He Xia and the Princess Yao tian; they seem lacking instead I find Asst. General Mo Ran and Zui Ju are more adorable. They were probably the most trusted and loyal friends to the main couple. To be honest, some of the script lines were rather exaggerating and ridiculous. First part of the series shows the General running around to save the damsel in distress. When Ping Ting falls in love with him, she keeps getting into trouble by saying she’s doing for his sake. And her asking to retire in seclusion is a not a solution for Bei Jie is a General for his country.

And what kept me sticking to the C-drama is because of I wanted to see how Bei Jie will succeed the throne and develop the country further while preventing unnecessary wars. Emperor Sima Hong is no longer required when he’s shown pathetic to be easily poisoned by the lies from Royal Consort Zhang.

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