Monday, February 26, 2018

Infinite Challenge- H.O.T reunion (Part 2)

Infinite Challenge members were given a mission or so-called challenge- that is to learn the choreography of H.O.T's "We Are the Future" dance. It was a big hit during the late 90's when the dance title was released under H.O.T's 2nd album. Until today the current idols from TVXQ, Super Junior, EXO and even Wanna One have covered the dance song. The handsome choreographer of SM who taught Jae Suk for EXO's Dancing King is back to coach the old men. It has proven much difficulty for Myung Soo and Jun Ha who struggled to memorise by hard the moves. Surprisingly Haha and Se Hyung reenacted the exact movements impressing everyone. PD tells them the dance requires only 5 members but I.C. cast have 6 members' so that means one sloppy member has to drop out if he can't follow the rhythms.

Hee Jun continues his private gym lessons with an American trainer who dissed him out that he doesn't know who H.O.T members are...ouch! As for Kang Ta, Jae Won and Tony- the trio were busy practising in the studio while perfectionist Woo Hyuk kept watching old videos to ensure his moves are correct. Tony kept making mistakes whereby Kang Ta tells him to treat all the 300 over staffs coffee if he still missed out his steps. The Olympic stadium venue started preparing banners, stage, lighting's from many generous sponsors. Fans were going all giddy and excited to return to their childhood days. Aww... female fans were dressed in school uniforms, wearing the white H.O.T fan club rain coats, carrying white balloons, male fans dressed in Candy costumes...etc- it was a mini fashion parade in the audience. Some female fans even brought their babies and children along to the concert venue.

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I.C. casts met up with H.O.T members backstage - all dressed back in their 90's look. Haha grumbled he wanted the hairstyle like Kang Ta's but somehow Haha looked more like his mother! Now it's show time.. It's time to wind back to 1996 where the group started off and became a wide sensation to the fans in South Korea. The first song of the night was Warriors of Descendants. Woo Hyuk's powerful rap at the start made all fans swooned. Their dance moves were not lacking at all after a month of practising. Their stylists have styled their hair and make up to look younger. Concert continued with hits such as Candy, Happiness and Hope. Everyone was smiling happily to see their idols. Behind stage, Se Hyung was brimming with tears and kept praising Kang Ta's youthful looks on stage. Members were full of charisma on stage. The female fans who are married have all returned back to their teens singing along and chanting away. Second highlight was actually the I.C casts to perform We are the Future. The audience cracked up upon seeing their wigs, costumes and not-so synchronised dancing. When it came to Haha's important part, he slipped and everyone just laughed. The rest had to continue dancing without ruining further. Off stage, Haha laughed off stating he can't see anything with the bloody wig and bangs hindering his sight! LOL! Of course the real We Are the Future dance was well performed by the original members wearing in white suits. 

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I.C casts greeted the audience once again and apologised for their messy dance routines while fans are not bothered about it. Kang Ta quickly attended to Haha asking if he was okay.
When it came to the finale, fans were started to cry as the song 'The Promise of H.O.T' was considered the tearful song before the group disbanded in 2001. They finished off the last song 'You and I' where Jae Won became so emotional that he couldn't sing. Even Kang Ta choked up with fans helped them to sing the entire song in the venue. Tony was seen shedding tears too, Hee Jun continued singing while Woo Hyuk slowly rapping away. Well, it was a very long hiatus for the men to perform for the fans again. In fact there were many fans waiting outside the venue singing along but couldn't secure a seat inside, one of them was gag woman Park Ji Sun. Before they bid farewell to their fans, Jae Won apologised to fans for taking such a long time to stand on stage again. They thanked everyone from the bottom of their hearts. Woo Hyuk is seriously considering if they should continue doing activities as H.O.T. 

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As an encore, the members continued singing and dancing hit favourites with the fans.
And then everyone returns back to reality of 2018. Fans were very pleased to attend the concert. Their memories lingered around but they were glad to see the members all looking the same. The members delivered a stunning performance for those watching live and at home.

It has definitely brought back sweet memories as I was part of that era (though I wasn't there in Korea flicking the white balloons, but I knew who they were, I listened to their songs religiously and waited for them to perform once again). Thank you Infinite Challenge casts, PD and production team for bringing back the legend idols. 

Though it might be difficult to see them perform as a group actively since they have individual work career, companies and solo activities, but I earnestly hope to see them again in near future. Fighting!!! 

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