Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Yoo Yoon Jung guests in Master in the House.

Location is at Pyeongchang-dong- one of the most influential district whereby most rich families and chaebol people are living here. First to arrive is Seung Gi dressed in a typical boyfriend look. He is curious to know who will be their Master for two days. Next up is Sung Jae who has a nerdy look with specs followed by Sang Yun who is spotted with new hair cut to look younger for upcoming drama. Last to arrive is Se Hyung who looked total outcast with his big long parka and beanie. Seung Gi laughed stating he should wear that in last week's trip to Inje where it was snowing and freezing cold. It's a cold winter day but with bright sun up.

The four butlers were informed that their new Master lives in Pyeongchang-dong which means he is a rich and influential person. A-hem! Also they were told their master is a woman! Oooh!
All Seung Gi had in mind was TWICE girl group. Sighs... Se Hyung wished it was actress Jeon Ji Hyun whom he admired all these years for her everlasting beauty, Sung Jae hoped it was singer Lee Sun Hee. Sang Yun's excellent answer was someone pretty to where Seung Gi clapped in agreement... The rest just joked stating their Hyung is searching for future bride, not find his Master. PD has an emergency situation whereby their Master's house pipes were frozen and broke. So they cannot spend overnight at the house. So she earnestly apologized and asked if the overnight stay has to be in one of the butlers' house. All kept so quiet.


Sung Jae was first to say no because he shares the apartment with rest of BTOB members. 
Se Hyung quickly butt in saying his place is also shared with younger brother. That leaves only option is Seung Gi and Sang Yun. Oh-oh! Seung Gi shoots down saying he has two crocs as pets in the place while Sang Yun has a gut feeling they will choose to cram at his place. Hah!
PD tells them the chosen place will win $1000 worth of electrical appliances. Immediately all except Sang Yun started inviting for their Master to come over. They suggested to play a game to determine whose place will be the Master's overnight stay. It turns out Sung Jae as the winner. He sighed further because their Master is no other than veteran actress Yoo Yoon Jung. Seung Gi knows Actress Yoo is not easy to handle. Sang Yun who has worked with her before carefully advises them that Yoo is very serious and doesn't laugh in drama/movie sets.
Se Hyung scratches his head pondering this is bad as they can't laugh for next 2 days.

The 4 butlers arrived at Yoo's villa and all hesitant to press the door bell. Seung Gi finally made his move and Yoo immediately opened the front door for them. At last Yoo Yoon Jung came out to greet them. All of them bowed 90 degrees to her. She started grumbling on the freezing weather and her home pipes have burst. Seung Gi advises that she will need to spend overnight somewhere and she bluntly said she doesn't sleep at people's place. Uh-oh! Somehow they have to persuade the veteran actress to do so. Yoon got dressed and took them to a nice restaurant for lunch. Yoon knows Seung Gi and Sang Yun from previous works. She notices Se Hyung from TV too however Sung Jae is a total new face to her. She apologises she doesn't know any idols at all and didn't watch fantasy genre drama Goblin! 

                           기사의 0번째 이미지

Se Hyung was careful in talking to her with very polite gestures. Still she reckons he is over reacting with exclamations all the time. At lunch table, they were treated with yummy food suited for her taste. Yoo hardly goes out these days because of the flu season. She has been taking lots of Vitamin C. As they were discussing about their memories working together in dramas, Sung Jae starts feeling worry about persuading the actress to stay overnight at his apartment.
Se Hyung thinks Yoo is angry towards everyone where she admits she is serious in work but she isn't insane to an extent that she goes around nagging at everyone she doesn't know. LOL!
Everyone is quite amazed with Yoo asking for white wine with ice in it. Huh? That's rather strange as Se Hyung reckons it's so extravagant but she says people thinks she is weird.
Four butlers decided to follow their Master's unique wine taste with cold ice! Sung Jae quickly made his move to confirm Yoo will be spending a night at his apartment. He rushed back to the nearest mall buying new bed spreads, pillows, air fragrance, oranges and bouquet of flowers to welcome his new Master. They have an hour to clean up, install cameras for Yoo has gone to attend a funeral while the 3 butlers are on their way. 

Four butlers gathered together and started preparing to welcome their Master. Sang Yun stays in the same building so he went upstairs to grab his portable speakers. Yoo arrived with Sang Yun escorting her up the elevator, Seung Gi waited at the floor, Se Hyung looking like a bar tender with wine and chocolates at the door step. She was surprised to see so many oranges neatly arranged at the floor with spotlights shining down on them. As she headed to her bedroom for the night, Sung Jae stood there with a bouquet of flowers for her. Awww....she was touched with the kind gesture and oranges arranged in a heart shape on the bed. They decided to have a nice chat at lounge room. Sung Jae tried to impress with white wine and sparkling wine. Seung Gi tries opening the bottle of Sparking resulting all foam dished out on the sofa, couch and Sang Yun's hoodie. Now everyone has to clean up the mess while Yoo commented if they did that at her home, she'd have kicked them out! Ha ha! Lucky for the pipes burst! Phew!
Yoo was shown some self-help books to which she dissed out those were doesn't work at all.
For the night, they decided to play a game by asking a question and uses The Book of Answers. Seung Gi asked first question- when will he get his next kiss? The Book answered him- 'Stimulate your Appetite'. Muahahaha! Se Hyung noted the answer hinted on Seung Gi's sexual appetite... Sung Jae collapsed on floor laughing away. Yoo shook his head when Se Hyung noted it has to do with 'soul'....Seung Gi is probably not serious in questions. Again Seung Gi asked if will he tie the knot in his 30's? The book gave another unique answer where Sang Yun laughed out loud. Se Hyung starts asking serious questions relating to Yoo. She laughed and wonders why can't they ask her directly instead of relying on the book. Sang Yun was a bit sceptical but he was tempted to ask if his new drama will be successful.

It was time to retire to bed for veteran actress. She washed up and changed to PJs. The butlers were outside suggesting someone must sleep in front of the bed room door in case their Master wakes up early. Se Hyung suggested a silly game- splashing water on the face with eyes wide open. Sang Yun noted this is impossible to do so. It's a normal reaction one shuts their eyes when something get splash to the face. It went for several rounds especially the tense revenge between Seung Gi and Se Hyung. At first their laughter's were rather quiet but slowly it went louder until Yoo peeked through the door asking when are they going to stop? Oh-oh!

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