Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Park Seo Jun in tVN drama- Why Secretary Kim?

Actor Park Seo Jun (30) will be the main lead in tVN upcoming new drama 'Why Secretary Kim-김비서가 왜 그럴까 written by Jung Eun Yeong and directed by PD Park Jun Ha.

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Why Secretary Kim is based on a web novel by novelist Jeong Kyung Yoon.

It depicts the romance of Lee Young Jun, a second generation chaebol with his abilities and looks and everything with the secretary Kim Mi So, who has been a brilliant PA to him. Park Seo Jun will play as Lee Young Jun while actress Park Min Young has PA Kim Mi So's role.
Does this remind something similar to The Jugglers? Boss and secretary relationship....?

The production crew has mentioned in addition to the web novels, it is a romantic drama that will make the viewers' hearts pounding via spectacular acting skills from Park Seo Jun as well part of theoriginal work created by Webtoon.

Why Secretary Kim is scheduled to air in May 2018.

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