Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Master in the House- Episode 6 Recap

First to arrive at the snowy area at Yang Se Hyung and he said bye to his manager for he is staying overnight at the mysterious master’s house. Next up was Seung Gi followed by Sung Jae and Sang Yun. The three were dressed in white knee length parka but Se Hyung is the odd one out in black leather jacket and jeans! They pointed out his fashion is out as they are at the mountains with thick snow so it’s advisable to wear scarf, boots and snow proof clothing. Seung Gi brought couple PJs for the Master while the ‘so-called lucky member’ to sleep with the Master has to massage his/her feet and also sing lullaby. While looking at the daily schedule of the Master- Sung Jae rejoices because there is no hard work or exercise! 

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They ring up someone to get some hints on their new Master. Immediately Seung Gi recognized the familiar voice- Big Bang’s Taeyang (the new groom)! Taeyang has personally not met the Master but wished he could. He has always looked up to him as Mentor. Se Hyung dishes the hints were not useful might as well Tae Yang comes over to join them meeting the Master. LOL! Tae Yang admits his time is up for enlistment very soon but Seung Gi encourages him to hang on or to seek help from him. As soon as Seung Gi starts his military talk- Se Hyung is annoyed and cut him off. The Master has a the nickname ‘Nations’ XXX’ while the rest of their brains started running wild thinking it’s near to Winter Olympics- it might be ice skater Kim Yuna or actress Moon Geun Yeung (Nation’s Little Sister).

As they wandered around the birch forest admiring the snow, they were told their Master is slowly approaching them from behind. They were getting excited and shocking veteran actor/host Choi Bool Am tapped Seung Gi and greeted him. The four immediately bowed and greeted Choi. Actor Choi has a nickname of ‘Nation’s Father’ after starring in family dramas in early 1980-1990s for many years. He is currently hosting Korean Table Food series where he goes around the entire nation searching for food.  He gets them to admire the beautiful birch forest with snow stating it’s romance. The four butlers were told to say their wish to the birch tree which somehow made them look silly. Sung Jae and Se Hyung were busy making their wishes loudly, Sang Yun remained quiet while Seung Gi whispers that from far they do look ‘insane’ (hugging and talking to a tree!)

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Now it’s time for poetry… Actor Choi is famous for his artistic and poetry words. They were given a homework earlier to memorize and recite a poem. Sung Jae immediately becomes Actor Choi’s favorite pupil by reciting Na Tae Joo’s How Do I Live. Sang Yun tried his luck by reciting the poem ‘Red Devil’ which was famous in the 2002 World Cup held in South Korea/Japan.  Se Hyung recited Choi’s own poem and even created his own lines but somehow didn’t impress the veteran with some weird background music!
Seung Gi was funny as he just blurted out bluntly that he will recite using Choi’s initial names. They cracked up at the last part when Seung Gi saying Am--- Am Missing You…. (Singing away). Choi tells them to join him for lunch with his fellow friends at the nearby house in the snowy mountains. The four were excited since they were hungry. Se Hyung drove the van heading towards the friends’ house. They only heard the friends’ nick names were Jang Bi, Yu Bi and Guan Yu (WHA…what?!) They are the names of the familiar names of Generals in the series of Three Kingdom era. Seung Gi joked that Choi might be Zhuge Liang (the skilled war strategist) which he shook his head no-no!

After waiting for a while with snow falling, 3 men started walking towards the house with the background music from drama Goblin OST….hahah! What does it remind us- Goblin Kim Shin and Grim Reaper….slowly strutting towards them with food and wine.  Choi was thrilled to see his friends, started shaking hands with warm and love. The butlers just stood there admiring their friendship of the four elders. Choi nearly forgotten to introduce them to where they laughed and greeted the 3 elder s. Everyone were treated with a warm lovely lunch- brackens, bell roots, rice, wild boar seasoned meat and wine.  Slowly the four butlers felt Choi turned his back while eating happily with his friends. It seems there is a big wall dividing two tables. Se Hyung joked that the Master is ignoring them and having fun catching up with his friends. The YB (Young Boys) team just listened to every conversation from the OB (Old Boys) Team.  

Lunch ended quickly for the YB team so they crept out from the house feeling very awkward sitting inside. The snow is the only solace for the four butlers. They decided to play a game to decide the ‘lucky one’ to sleep with the Master wearing couple PJ, massage feet and singing lullaby to Choi. Se Hyung suggested a silly game where they dunk their face into the snow and the first to give up is the loser. While the three fools dipped their faces into the snow for 50 over seconds…only Sang Yun looked up and smiled at them. He can’t help but felt guilty after hearing them screaming away in the snow. Their faces were so frozen, noses were red and yet they endured the pain. Sung Jae asked if they are still alive since everyone remained quiet, Seung Gi started pushing Se Hyung at the side by throwing snow. At last Se Hyung screamed and gave up. Sang Yun just sat quietly observing their pain. Seung Gi felt his jaw was frozen while Sung Jae thinks his cheekbones were hardened in the snow! They concluded that Se Hyung should sleep with Choi that night. Sang Yun felt bad and immediately asked for another game…they refused. He admitted that he didn’t play the game properly leaving them dumbfounded. Se Hyung was about to curse but Sang Yun pointed out earlier they pranked on him many times so he doesn’t want to fall behind those traps. Se Hyung wondered if Seung Gi cheated too causing him to yell that his entire make up and trace is inside the snow hole. Haha! So they suggested Sang Yun to dunk his face in the snow for at least 52 seconds.

As usual Sang Yun is a tough cookie so he endured the cold but he couldn’t speak much because the snow is so cold that froze his entire face. Snow pack (face mask) for all the four butlers- heh!

Seung Gi reckoned Sang Yun and Se Hyung should just re-match because they were last two losers. Sung Jae and Seung Gi went over 55 seconds through the game. Sang Yun felt it wasn’t fun to where Sang Yun agreed. He admits he cheats but he immediately admits his fault so all should play again to find the real winner! OMG! 
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