Monday, February 12, 2018

The Unit finalists and winners.

The so-called voting for their favourite unit members have all been completed with trainees who have come together, trained, danced, laughed and cried for 150 days... The UNIT has been formed with Idol Rebooting Project for those who have tried hard and didn't make it big. But this isn't the end of everything. 

The Unit B (Boys) team 9 finalists are:

  1. Jun (U-Kiss) - 165,302 votes
  2. Eui Jin (Bigflo)
  3. Go Ho Jung (Hotshot)
  4. Feeldog (Bigstar)
  5. Marco (HBY)
  6. Ji Han Sol
  7. Dae Won (Madtown)
  8. Ki Joong (IM)
  9. Chan (ACE)
The Unit G (Girls) team 9 finalists are:
  1. Eui Jin (Sonamoo)- 108, 066 votes
  2. Ye Bin (DIA)
  3. NC.A
  4. Yoon Jo
  5. Lee Hyun Joo
  6. Yang Ji Won
  7. Woo Hee (Dal Shabet)
  8. ZN (Laboum)
  9. Lee Su Ji
The missed out contestants for ninth place were Kim Timoteo (Hotshot) and Ji Won (Good Day). It came to quite a surprise as Timoteo was a favourite in episodes 4-7 however his ranking slowly slide down with Jun and Eui Jin taking over the first two positions. Feeldog hasn't changed his position much on 4th position- he's a great leader and nice personality.
Sonamoo's Eui Jin has been consistent on Episode 8-13 on first spot taking over from Yang Ji Won. 

The UNIT didn't score as many ratings as Produce 101 Season 1 and 2 - probably people have gotten stale over the same voting process. Personally I have skipped most of the Unit G performances as there was just something lacking in girls performances. Unit B has more to boost up the audience and interesting skills. But I am glad that Feeldog, Eui Jin are in the finalists. Well done to all the winners! Oh btw, the Units are to actively perform for the next 10 months or so... 
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