Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Infinite Challenge PD Kim Tae Ho passes on the baton.

After 12 years of producing Infinite Challenge episodes, finally PD Kim Tae Ho is passing the baton to someone else.

PD Kim Tae Ho (43) is leaving the direction of Infinite Challenge since its first broadcast in 2006. According to the MBC on the 27th Feb, PD Kim will be stepping down from the main PD position in 'Infinite Challenge' with upcoming Spring reorganisation at the end of next month.

However an MBC official said, "PD Kim is going to handle some work related with 'Infinite Challenge' in some way." In fact PD Kim has revealed the misery of having to give new items every week in various places. In connection with this discussion of the season, several rumours have surfaced that he is going to get an 'Infinite Challenge'. 

In January, MBC's President Choi Seung-ho has hinted that PD Kim Tae Ho is preparing for a "new thing" at the New Year's press conference. With the change of PD Kim's release, it is said that IC will also be broadcast in a different form than before. 

 On the other hand, the position of PD Kim is succeeded by PD Choi Haeng Ho.

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